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Comment: Re:Technology allows (Score 1) 636 636

You're arguing something completely different. We don't have the resources to continue population growth, but that has nothing to do with how long we work during the week. People still fuck on the weekend. The solution to population growth isn't poverty, its education.

Comment: Re:classic example? (Score 1) 522 522

Your mistake here is in assuming you're replying to someone who identifies all sex as objectifying. Chirs is responding to an AC who spoke of why they like sex in entirely selfish terms. "I like it, it is in my nature." AC chose not to, or neglected to, mention whether they enjoy giving pleasure to their partners, which would be a more altruistic (except in a very cynical sense) reason for liking sex. Chirs is just identifying this as potentially being a sign of objectification. If AC had said "A very important part to me is that the woman enjoys it too." then Chirs would have been unreasonable in saying what they did.

Comment: Re:Good grief... (Score 1) 681 681

The issue here is that people are touchy about having their mediocrities pointed out, even when we have chosen to keep those things mediocre because we've focused on other things in our lives. It's not shameful to have a mediocre understanding of climate science when you're a computer programmer, or a businessperson. And it's not insulting for a professional to point out that most people in a particular industry are not proficient in a completely separate field. His statement is not controversial if you aren't self-conscious.

Comment: Re:What the hell is wrong with Millennials?! (Score 1) 465 465

The suggestion is that if everyone has a suitable income / level of wealth, there'll be no need for gentrification, and no need to run for the hills before you get bled dry in the home you've lived in for years. You're also aware that renters generally cannot sell their houses right? Jesus, are you not even trying to reason this out?

Comment: Re:What the hell is wrong with Millennials?! (Score 1) 465 465

lol You're ridiculous. WHY DIDN'T THE POOR FIX IT? IF THEY WANTED IT IMPROVED THEY'D HAVE SPENT WHAT LITTLE MONEY THEY HAD TO MAKE IT BETTER SO THAT GENTRIFICATION COULD DRIVE THEM OUT EVEN FASTER. My intention IS to convey yelling, Slashdot. Thanks though. I wonder how much I have to do to counter this obnoxious filter. Are we somehow under the impression that caps inherently make something less civil than say, gross disrespect? Can I call people names? Is that acceptable? I guess I haven't tried that enough.

Comment: Re:The Fix: Buy good Chocolate! (Score 1) 323 323

That's actually what the free market would say, no? If we're having a shortage, and consuming so much we're driving production into deficit... chocolate should be more expensive. Something (existing supplies) may be keeping price down now, but things will re-adjust.

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