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Comment: Re:High power use doesn't have to be dirty: (Score 1) 710

by BalthCat (#47492175) Attached to: People Who Claim To Worry About Climate Change Don't Cut Energy Use
Once electric cars become predominant, we'll agitate to make gasoline powered cars illegal. And we'll be right to do so.

If you could ensure the resulting pollution to your own personal property, then you would arguably be entitled to polluting technology, but you can't. Since the results will be forced on everyone else on the planet, they have a legitimate rights-based argument for limiting your personal right to be a selfish douchebag.

Antiques might get a pass, but they would also be arguably the cause of civil damages, and as such be legitimately subjected to usage/ownership levies/tariffs/whatever to offset the pollutants.

So you might get to keep it, but you'll eventually be paying a pretty premium.

Comment: Re:user error (Score 1) 710

by BalthCat (#47492127) Attached to: People Who Claim To Worry About Climate Change Don't Cut Energy Use
Your last big paragraph is filled with illogic. Has there ever been great climate change during a time in the historical record to compare with? (You even mention economic decisions, suggesting this "never seen long term famine" observation is exceedingly modern.) The fact that LA was once under sea water naturally doesn't mean that human action can't put it back under. (And by extension, act otherwise to prevent it from happening.) Ancient CO2 levels are also not particularly relevant considering how drastically different our climate is from then. The threat of global warming is not that the globe will become uninhabitable (unlike global thermonuclear war, that is not a claim made) but rather that the changes in the climate will create havoc: extreme and damaging weather, species may die out, areas which once grew one thing may no longer be suitable or ideal for that growth, desertification may occur in some areas, etc. Sure, perhaps some areas that were non-ideal (for habitation, agriculture, etc.) will become ideal, but we are not poised to take advantage of that... it will be a slow learning process.

The projected impact is very much economic, which is funny because you suggest the power of economics and then disregard it. Do you think that with the interconnectedness of our economies we would really weather such chaos well?

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Lots of people already write their names in books. I wasn't really one of them, but I'm becoming unenamoured with physical media lately. And the point is that you are indeed supposed to prevent someone else from using the same book for this purpose. That's not really unreasonable. If you give it away or resell it, they're not making any money off that, so why would they give you the ebook free or discounted?

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I'm dubious old editions will work in the first place. You need to take a picture of the copyright page, and it will likely want to match to the specific editions in question. Also when I emailed to make a suggestion about being able to re-take your copyright page signature picture, he commented on how I was naughty for using a pencil :P

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