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Comment: Re:History is historic (Score 0) 99

by Bahamut_Omega (#46073357) Attached to: Bletchley Park's Bitter Dispute Over Its Future

Hopefully the CEO will be called back for being a coward and also get fired. His credentials may look impressive, but his manners belong in the brig. I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Iain Standen's attitude gets him heaved like a bloody anchor off the ship. Stuff like this makes the governing board look like they should be getting a few tastes of the proverbial cat o' nine tails.

Frankly from what I had seen, he seems to be more of the kind for getting the gibbet. Antique method of killing that happened to pre-date the guillotine by a few hundred years.

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by Bahamut_Omega (#43765319) Attached to: Canadian Cellphone Users May Get Justice Over Phantom Charges

Actually I know of that first hand from having lived in the NWT as a kid. One of the emergency numbers I could remember that was almost universal to the territories would have been xxx-2222 for the fire department. Though I do recall having also dispatched fire calls from the hotel that I had worked at, where I could have ignored the front desk if there was a fire call coming in. Also had false alarms and prank calls, though those would just be written down on the little clipboard beside the desk in the rear office as well.

I haven't looked at a NorthwesTel phone book in a while, so I would assume the numbers are still the same for the NWT & Nunavut.

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by Bahamut_Omega (#43543799) Attached to: No Porn From Public WiFi Hotspots In the UK Proposed

Better to be a smart socialist libertarian, than a whiny tory maggot that wanks off to the biggest overpaid bankster.

Would this mean high finance porn (i.e. CEOs that happen to be celebrated for being overpaid and underperforming) could be put under the scope as well? I might say so, just to bring in some equality to the world.

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by Bahamut_Omega (#43051875) Attached to: Canada Launches ACTA Bill

True enough, Tricky Vic has words in the Hansard that can be used to take him out. Hell; PM's bum buddy Rob Anders called Nelson Mandela a terrorist for crying out loud. I'll pay my respects to Mr. Mandela; and I would love to see how many candidates are willing to hold the feet of the Conservative Party to the flames.

The Dishonourable Prime Minister was found in contempt, unfortunately the little "Twit from Toronto" went and called the election to stay in power. If I'm not mistaken, we've still yet to hear about the Elections Canada fiasco with misdirecting voters via the use of "Robo-calls". Frankly most of the judiciary are scared to throw the book at the Cornwall Alliance allied Conservative Party.

I'll be honest, you would find me picking the mind of Elijah Harper before I sit down with "Thievin' Stephen".

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