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Comment: Re:icing on the cake: (Score 1) 1172 1172

You're right, smart is better. We should just let the intellectuals make all the decisions for us so that we are less likely to screw up our own lives.

Now, can you find a bonified intellectual who can tell me what health insurance I should buy (or maybe what to eat for dinner tonight)?

Comment: Re:Hrmm (Score 1) 249 249

It shouldn't be any worse for you than real-life is. I mean, when you look down the street and see a car approaching, does it look like a 3D scene to you? Probably. The eye with bad vision doesn't have to be able to focus clearly on the image for the brain to process the 3D aspects properly. The good eye provides the focus and the bad eye (even though the image is blury) is used as a crutch by the brain to provide the sense of depth. The image your brain ultimately composites will appear to be in-focus and in 3D.

The same would be true of these shutter glasses. It doesn't matter if the one eye is getting a blury picture, your brain is already trained to combine that blury picture with the in-focus picture to get a nicely composited 3D image.

If the entire real-world seems flat to you, then yeah, maybe you are screwed, but otherwise you should be fine.

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