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Comment: Re:Works for me! (Score 1) 158

by BadgerRush (#48140079) Attached to: Netflix To Charge More For 4K Video

It works for me too. I know that the concept of which format is "good enought" is a very subjective matter, but in my opinion 720p is in a very good sweet spot and there is not much extra benefit in going 1080p. I mean that the jump from non-hd to 720p is a huge jump, it is the differense between a "insufferable blurry mess" and "very sharp", but the difference between 720p and 1080p is more like "very sharp" to "a tiny bit sharper". I'm not saying that 1080p is not nice, just that it is not indipensable.

But then, my disdaing for 1080p may be just result of the fact that I'm not used to it. After all, up until a month ago my internet was way too slow for any kind of HD video. Lets see how I feel about it after 6 months with an OK internet.

Comment: Re:Slashdot Response (Score 1) 774

by BadgerRush (#48095781) Attached to: Systemd Adding Its Own Console To Linux Systems

Here it goes just a quick list:

1. This one doesn't make any sense. Systemd is a collection of daemons and binaries, and each of those "do one thing and do it well,". By the same standard he would have to say that the whole GNU project "flies in the face of the Unix philosophy" because it is "a complex collection of dozens of tightly coupled binaries".

2. The said "disadvantage" (that it is logs can be corrupted) is also a disadvantege of all other systems (with text logs), no change here.

3. Really? So any and all software which is not cross-platform is "noticeably chauvinistic and anti-Unix"? Many (if not all) of those non-Linux systems also have subsystems tightly welded to their respective kernels.

4. That is called building in the sholders of giants.

6. Yes, PID 1 is a single point of failure. It has always been. Again not something brought by systemd.

I got tired, apparently all arguments on that site follow into two categories:

A. Systemd does something diferently, I don't have any data showing that is is worse but because I liked the way it was before I'll call it worse.

B. Systemd is vulnerable to a problem/attack/etc which was already present in previous init systems, but for no reason this bothers me in sytemd.

Comment: Re:Slashdot Response (Score 1) 774

by BadgerRush (#48095413) Attached to: Systemd Adding Its Own Console To Linux Systems

It is modular.

Systemd is made of dozens of modules and you "can just use the pieces we want" (obviousely respecting the dependencies between them). And they are defining formal APIs for all that, some of the APIs are already stable, the ones which are unstable are still young and evolving.

Comment: Re:Stupid metric system (Score 1) 140

by BadgerRush (#47747011) Attached to: 2 Galileo Satellites Launched To Wrong Orbit

For temperatures, the Celcius is much more usefull and intuitive than Farenhight becaue Celcius is based on important milestones. What is the difference between -1F and 1F? One really really cold and the other is also really really cold, there is no difference, the 0F doesn't mark any intuitive usefull milestone. The zero degrees Celcius on the other hand, is a very important milestone, the temperature in which water freezes. You can intuitively see the difference between -1C and 1C by noting the presence (or not) of ice/ground-frost/snow/etc. The fact that you may be dealing with ice instead of liquid water is a very important information that changes our routine and as so it is the most important and intuitive temperature milestone and deserves the zero.

And regarding distance units. Are you really arguing that we need more units than one being 1/10 of the other? That is terrible, it leads to overposition of the units, leading up to different people choosing diferent unitis for the same distance. Also, the same argument you used for the foot can be used against the imerial/US-standard systems: there is a lack of something equivalent for the decimeter, the foot it too big and the inch is too small, also it lacks a good equivalent for the centimeter, and the milimiter, and ....

Comment: Re:The "dying industry"... (Score 1) 113

by BadgerRush (#47602333) Attached to: Spain's Link Tax Taxes Journalist's Patience

You mention bloggers like it is a bad thing. Well, it is not, and here is why: Bloggers can't stand on their name, so their content (and their sources) has to speak for itself.

Before the internet people had to blindly trust their news sources. Journalists had their "laws" regarding sources and biases (e.g. require two independent sources, etc), and a good journalist could produce good content. Unfortunately the reader had no way of knowing if a particular journalist followed the "laws", we had to thrust the "name" of the newspaper or of the journalist, that is, thrust that the newspaper wouldn't risk muddling its name by not fact-checking everything.

Now, with the internet, most of the sources are as available to the readers as they are to the journalists. So the new journalists (bloggers) can cite their sources in their articles, and we the readers can check those sources and compare them to the journalist's conclusions. Suddenly a journalist's bias and incompetence is not hidden any more, any reader can "see how the sausage is made" and point out when it is wrong.

Unfortunately the internet is still riddled with journalists who "graduated" in the old world and refuse to cite sources, those grew up on a world where their sources where their business secret, something they had to protect from other journalists who might steal their story. Those don't realize that all the sources are just a google search away, and that the real differential they bring is the analysis of the sources. Personally, I assume that any article not citing its sources is either lying or has errors, and just dismiss it.

Comment: Re:How does this work exactly? (Score 1) 28

by BadgerRush (#47581637) Attached to: New Display Technology Corrects For Vision Defects

Puting your glasses also don't change the distance from your eyes to the objects. Instead the lenses bend light so it is indistinguishble from light coming from another distance, and that is exactly what this solution does, in simple terms it is like putting the glasses on the device instead of on your face.

Comment: Re:Ookkaayyy... (Score 1) 28

by BadgerRush (#47581605) Attached to: New Display Technology Corrects For Vision Defects

What about people who need "reading glasses". Those people navigate the rest of reality very well without their glasses (actually puting their glasses limits their reality navigation ability), those need their glasses only to read and I bet many would apreciate a phone that you can just pull out of the pocket and read instead of also pulling the glasses from the other pocket.

Comment: Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 28

by BadgerRush (#47581589) Attached to: New Display Technology Corrects For Vision Defects

It won't ajust automaticaly. According to the video the solution has a hardware component and a software component. The software is configurable and can be setup to different prescriptions (or the lack off), but the hardware (a lensing film to be placed on top of the screen) is specific to one prescription.

But, even withtout the flexibility to ajust to other people's sights, I think this technology has a huge potential in very personal devices like mobile phones. I believe many people would gladly give up the avility to show their phone to other people, in exchange to the added ability to not have to fumble for their reading glasses every time they want to check something on the screen.

Comment: Re:misunderstanding of the internet? (Score 1) 484

by BadgerRush (#47318387) Attached to: Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo Streaming Service

With this broad definition of "retransmit", the most normal aerial setup is completely illegal because: the antenna captures the signal and then "retransmit" it trough a cable to a circuit inside the TV which then "retransmits" it to several other internal circuits before reaching the screen which then "retransmits" it again as light to my eyes.

With a "retransmit" definition as broad as the one used in this decision, just watching anything makes you a felon because your eyes are capturing the light signal and "retransmitting" it trough the optical nerve to the brain. It is clear that from now on every one of us needs either a broadcasting license or to close our illegal retransmitting setup (a.k. eyes).

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