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Comment: Re:Jon Stewart (Score 0) 1352

by BadOPCode (#34577092) Attached to: Survey Shows That Fox News Makes You Less Informed
This is absolutely ridiculous. Slashnut is basing how informed a person is by a single question that has little supporting facts and no official research. The only proof is a reprinted birth certificate. No one can find anyone that remembers a baby with a black dad and a white mom being born in the 60s when that would still be highly controversial. Well no one has come forward at least. So questioning anything obviously makes you "uninformed." Wow! So scientific! I don't care what answer they come up with. Why can't we ask the question and try to find the answer? Are we just supposed to use the same belief system that works so well for the victims of Bernie Madoff or Enron. Blind faith works so well for you guys doesn't it. But based on this one opinion on a unanswered question you guys are going to make the claim a group of people are uninformed. It's the same type of polling that helped racism of yesteryears. Keep up the good work Slashbigots!

In Nature there are neither rewards nor punishments, there are consequences. -- R.G. Ingersoll