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Comment: Re:Why is there a wi-fi crisis? (Score 5, Insightful) 186 186

Just because your internet is limited to 16mbit doesn't mean there's no advantage to faster wireless. The best example would be transferring files or watching HD videos over wireless from a local share. Not to mention there could be plenty of applications outside of personal use in your home. Think of large WDS meshes for example.

Comment: Re:Unrelated question (Score 2) 770 770

Whoever it is, he probably added an extra rider for electronics. I have State Farm, and normally they only cover $2k worth of electronics (I don't remember if they said 'electronics' or 'computer equipment'). That can be bumped up to $10k for like $10/yr or something, it wasn't much.

Comment: Re:"High-tech phone service?" Maybe if it worked.. (Score 1) 324 324

I've been using it to call Canada from the US for a few months and haven't ever had an issue. I probably call there about once a week, and talk for maybe an hour.

I've done it a few different ways too... Sometimes from my AT&T U-Verse Voice service, sometimes from my Sprint cell phone (by calling my Google Voice number, then entering the number I want to call.. basically using it like a calling card), and also from my Verizon Droid phone via the integrated Google Voice Dialing functionality. I haven't once had it where one party couldn't hear the other, or get a wrong number. I've barely had any incoming calls though, so I can't comment on that at all.

Comment: Re:eBook readers (Score 2, Informative) 149 149

There's the Kindle DX, which sports native PDF support and a 9.7" screen, but I haven't tried it myself. There are also a number of 3rd party products, including iRex who makes some with larger screens, but they're pretty pricey. The Kindle DX might be worth a shot if you want to spend the $489 to try it out.. might want to double check the return policy first though.

Comment: Re:The OS would only matter if the device is open (Score 1) 542 542

If someone doesn't mind reading on a backlit-LCD, then there would be no reason to buy an e-book reader. They are basically a single-purpose device. But anyone that reads a good amount won't want to spend time reading a whole book on something like that. That's the point of the e-ink is that it's better on your eyes, and yes the battery life too, though that's just a side-effect of the way it works. These aren't meant to be multipurpose devices, they're meant to read books. If you're looking for a multipurpose device, go ahead and get a tablet/slate/phone, but I sure wouldn't want to read a book on any of those.

Journal: Microsoft's fast track bid for OOXML standarization rejected 1 1

Microsoft's push for fast-track approval of its OOXML document format as an ISO standard has failed, according to a news article from PC World. The proposal now must be reworked to address comments made during the voting process and will be up for another vote by ISO members early next year. Details on the voting outcome can also be found at Groklaw, and yo

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