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Comment Except when it suddenly dies (Score 3, Interesting) 106

Lost another SSD over the weekend. Crucial m4 512GB. Lost detection of the drive by the computer (Win 7 desktop), plugged it in through a USB adaptor and it's still not detected (Windows and Mac). That's 3 in the last 18 months.

Muskin Chronos 120GB (Windows 7 laptop)
Crucial m4 512GB (MacBook Pro 2012)
Crucial m4 512GB (Windows 7 desktop)

That being said I run everything on SSD: 2 HTPC, 2 desktops, 2 MacBooks, 2 Windows laptop.

I can't find the common factor that causes the failures. It would just be working one day, then next day fail detection by the computer and it's all gone.

Comment So they're retiring the version that works (Score 1) 222

The new version of Google Maps is erratic. Mouse zoom is sporadic and inconsistent. Sometimes when you search specific business by name, it still gives you the "sponsored" results first. The problem is not that it gives "sponsored" result, it SOMETIMES gives "sponsored" results. It's trying to trick you into clicking on the "sponsored" results and it's really annoying.

It's both too much information and not enough information at the same time. Search for something and it gives you too many irrelevant results. Look on the map and it's doesn't show enough information for me to make a decision. It's everything I hated about Bing Maps when that first came out.

Comment So we're not going to get invaded? (Score 1) 72

I guess it's a good thing that aliens won't need to invade us for water. May I suggest they take some things that I'm sure aren't available anywhere else in the universe. Please take people who are famous for being famous such as an heiress to a hotel fortune, her friend with the big butt and friend's husband.

Comment Depends (Score 1) 734

Yes, if they (or you) were to live and work in the US in the future. I have friends and relatives in just this situation. They worked outside the US, met someone, lived there for a really long time, lost their job and moved back to the US. If the children had not been US citizens this would have been a lot more difficult.

No, for all other cases. It's just not worth the tax nightmare.

Comment That's not what she said. (Score 4, Interesting) 307

My wife loves her iPad. She doesn't get on her laptop now unless she needs Firefox to access her work's website. For everything else, she uses the iPad. Shopping, watching movies, trip planning, and so on.

My parents can only use their iPads because they've never use a computer in their life. My mother will try to pinch and zoom on my computer monitor to make pictures bigger.

Do they need the latest iPad every time Apple comes out with a new one? Hell no. My father is perfectly happy on his iPad 3, he gets his news, Netflix, and DirecTV app. My mother is happy on her iPad 4 because she can watch Youtube, music, and looking up new recipes. My wife is fine with her iPad Air, and she's not getting a new one because I just bought that last year.

Only person without an iPad is me. I have no need for them, I get things done on my laptop or desktop. I don't need trimmed down apps, I do need full applications and a real keyboard.

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