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Submission + - NSA malware found hiding in hard drives for almost 20 years->

An anonymous reader writes: Extremely sophisticated malware were found hidden in hard drives, all major brands are affected, the malware is difficult to detect and almost impossible to remove.

Bad news, geeks. Someone out there figured out how how to hide persistent, invisible espionage malware inside the firmware of your hard drives. Now it’s been discovered that they’ve been using it to spy on targets for nearly 20 years. This particular piece of malware is delivered via modified hard drive firmware, and Kaspersky says that it’s compatible with nearly all major hard drive brands: Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, you name it. Once it’s there, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of or even detect. Since it’s not taking up space on the hard drive’s platters, it can easily re-infect a system even after a drive has been fully formatted.

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Submission + - Men unhappy to be circumcised might be able to regenerate their foreskin

An anonymous reader writes: Slashdot has covered advances in regenerative medicine for various body parts, but not the most personal one of them all. It seems that there are enough men who are unhappy about being circumcised that a company, appropriately named Foregen, has been founded with the aim to regrow foreskins.

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