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by BForrester (#44843477) Attached to: The Post-Lecture Classroom

You're being prepped for the real world.

In all seriousness, your impressions of the flipped/inverted model as a student are the same as mine as a professor. There are classes in which this can be very effective, but it relies very strongly on the motivation, work ethic, and time management skills of the students involved.

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by BForrester (#44840351) Attached to: Study Shows Professors With Tenure Are Worse Teachers

Having attended the best university in my country, Waterloo, I can say with absolute certainty that university education is complete crap.

Part of the problem may be that you mistakenly believe that your institution is the best in the country. Waterloo rounds out the bottom of the top ten in most listings.

I agree though that many, if not most undergraduate programs have become rather underwhelming.

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by BForrester (#44576723) Attached to: Using Laptop To Take Notes Lowers Grades

On the other hand, we can look at published academic studies which show that note-taking can be highly effective.

BTW, by taking good notes in college, I learned that one must not rely on anecdotal evidence.

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My PIN is 9999, it'll be the last number it could possibly try!

This alludes to a somewhat valid sidebar. A more intelligent algorithm would crack most passwords much more efficiently than a sequential brute force. E.g. prioritize
  - digits in forward or reverse sequence
  - repeated digits or repeated pairs
  - digits that can represent dates

In fact, a quick google search (!) reveals that there are quite a few shortcuts they could build into the scheme before resorting to pure brute. There's no sense giving up on efficiency just because the speed is already bottlenecked by mechanical limitations.

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by BForrester (#44260343) Attached to: The Pope Criminalizes Leaks

When you initiate an argument with "everyone knows that..." or by redefining the position of the group that you want to attack, it's usually a signal to the reader that what is about to follow is rhetoric and/or horseshit.

Now try that again, maybe even give an authoritative reference or two, and you'll notice that your response will sound significantly less like you've been brainwashed.

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