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Comment: Logitech G710+ (Score 1) 452 452

I've got this gamer keyboard although I'm no gamer, and I like it pretty much. It's mechanical (Cherry MX) but noiseless (rubber O-rings), backlit, with multimedia keys. The only drawback is the strange inverted decoration on some keys, but as I don't look to much at my fingers when typing it's OK for me.

Comment: Re: So? (Score 1) 520 520

Doesn't Rust use refounts?

By default no, everything is stack allocated (which is of course way faster). But you can also easily use so-called boxed types which are heap-allocated, with various ownership modes. FWIW I'm really sold to Rust's concepts, but a bit less on the implementation: effectively as soon as you do half-complex things your implementation becomes not that readable, and not that easy to code. Maybe it's because I need more experience, I still don't know.

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