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+ - BP Gulf Oil Spill Population Poisoning is the same->

Submitted by BC_Man
BC_Man (1236426) writes ""The smoke from oil well fires contained a cocktail of chemicals, notably benzene, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide". The same chemicals as are around the spill. This is why the health problems are the same across Iraq war soldiers, oil spill workers and local population. Crude oil is toxic. These people need to know this so their health can be treated !"
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Comment: Very, very funny film, unintentionally or not. (Score 0) 295

by BC_Man (#31655058) Attached to: <em>Battlefield Earth</em> Screenwriter Accepts Razzie
I mean come on, from the writer of Robin Hood, men in tights ?!? This is the film I laughed hardest at. Is it because I'm a human rights activist and I've seen some extremely peculiar ways of "fighting tyranny" ... ? .... definitely. Memorable scenes: 1. The freedom fighters steal Harrier Jump Jets that miraculously work and have plenty of fuel. 2, The Travolta character shows off his genius for working out the humans by tracking one to find out their favourite food and witnesses him ... eating a rat ?!? Believe me if you've witnessed idiots trying to organise themselves trying to fight any kind of oppression then this film is for you.

Comment: Yes, believe it or not Google cannot do everything (Score 1) 156

by BC_Man (#31465580) Attached to: The Dark Side of the Web
Google has built quite an empire on making people believe that they are the defacto standard for search. They should be commended for the quality of their applications but sadly the marketing has led people astray. I actually took a trip to my local University to do some research. A day login gave me access to thousands of Scientific papers that I would otherwise have to pay hundreds of pounds for. Doing real research takes footwork and hardwork. The web can do a lot but you have to know where to look. See , ,,13927,1195901,00.html

Comment: Re:They've got this one backwards. (Score 1) 900

by BC_Man (#30157966) Attached to: GIMP Dropped From Ubuntu 10.04
Yes, is Slashdot taking the boring mainstream media approach of constantly trying to whip up a shitstorm rather than actually reporting interesting news ? Ubuntu will always strip things down to provide a minimal and simple install. It's the Ubuntu style, there is nothing "dumbed down" about it. It's a sort of less is more philosophy that is aimed at first time computer users, people with disabilities and organisations and countries that want a small download and install footprint. The amazing thing about the approach is that experienced users are not left out as the huge repositories have anything a mere command line away.

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