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Comment: Why? (Score 0) 578

by BCW2 (#46472777) Attached to: White House: Get ACA Insurance Coverage, Launch Start-Ups
Why would anyone think the Government could run healthcare? Is there any sign of competence or efficiency in Medicare, Medicade, or the VA? All are inefficient and fraud ridden with time wasted by reams of worthless paperwork. There is not one single thing that the Government of the US has ever done more efficiently than the private sector.

Comment: Idiocy (Score 1) 310

by BCW2 (#46445303) Attached to: Daylight Saving Time ...
Daylight Saving time is a complete waste of time. It has never saved energy and has always been nothing more that a politcal "feel good" item. it sounds like you are doing something when nothing actually happens. Just screw around with everyones body clock and shorten their lives.

+ - Google hates Adblock Plus

Submitted by BCW2
BCW2 (168187) writes "A few days ago I had trouble with gmail, it would only load in basic html and had little functionality. It took 2 days of digging through the mostly useless Google help pages to find one mention of addons. If you disable Adblock Plus you get full functionality back. Now, starting intermittently on Friday, the same thing happens with Google's search page. Of course there was never an announcement or warning of any kind."

Comment: Dishonest (Score 1) 601

by BCW2 (#44100481) Attached to: Edward Snowden is ...
The link is to an article where Snowden claims he got the job just to do this. That means his oaths taken to get the job were lies. He is just a traitor. There were other means that were legal to expose this program, he could have sent the data to every member of Congress, and acted like a true whistle blower instead of running to China like a thief in the night.

Comment: Nice idea but it won't happen (Score 2) 1013

by BCW2 (#42348251) Attached to: Using Technology To Make Guns Safer
There are 2 simple reasons why this isn't being done.
1. Cost for the indentification unit is prohibitive. It would double the cost of the weapon.
2. It has been proven over the years that you can not make something idiot proof. I don't care if it's a weapon or a power tool, some moron will always come along and try something nobody else ever imagined and injure themselves or someone else. Look at all the safety warnings in any instruction manual and realize that someone actually did that.

Teaching people to have a respect for human life would do more to stop these mass killings than anything else. When I was in High School (class of 74) half the vehicles in the student parking lot were pickup trucks with a gun rack in the back window. There was always a rifle and/or a shotgun in the rack. We never had anyone shot at school because we knew the difference between right and wrong.

Comment: Why? (Score 5, Insightful) 338

by BCW2 (#42094239) Attached to: A Gentle Rant About Software Development and Installers
Why does every windows application programmer think their program is so special or important that it needs to run in the background? The first thing to speed up any computer is to kill all the crappola trying run at start up. A program should run when started and when exited from it should completely shut down and even delete any temp files it created. I did a cleanup on a customers machine once and deleted over 10,000 temp files. That is lazy and stupid programming.

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