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Comment: Re:This was America before "free trade". (Score 1) 138 138

I remember way back when the poverty was at its oldest level- through the mid90s. That's ended just one DECADE ago! Hopefully the Makers can bootstrap themselves back into a decent economy, using entirely new technologies, as all the old avenues seems to be completely locked up by MegaCorporMartIncCo.

Comment: Re:That's odd... (Score 1) 432 432

The ridiculous part is saying (or implying) that your particular book is still effective when -like the humors mentioned- it is mostley obsolite. No one, including yourself follows even half of the contents of the book, and I know this because you are not sending these commect from Old Bailey. In total, it is ridiculous to hold more than a few orphaned scraps of the Bible as a collection of moral pointers akin to a bargian bag of fortune cookies sayings. Actually "fortune -o" at the prompt would leave you no worse off.

Comment: Re:That's odd... (Score 4, Insightful) 432 432

Western system are based more on Roman law than Cristian commandments. That book tells us nothing either unique or original, and its followers are (statisticly) among the least moral definable groups there are. Seriously, what moral system DOESN'T teach - Personal responsibility, treating others with love and respect, not being a greedy, selfish twit. Without that book as a moral guide, I am still to the wiretapping and telling the companies to charge more for less and everything else you mentioned.

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