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Comment: Re:Yes meanwhile.. (Score 1) 167

by B2382F29 (#48987691) Attached to: Google Quietly Unveils Android 5.1 Lollipop

That's pure BS.

You mean it is pure coincidence that all the components that get pushed into the play services app are now closed source? (keyboard, location service etc. etc.)

How would it affect updatability to keep those components open source?

There is a reason to move these apps away from the "core" android:

Comment: Re:Ditch ChromeOS, focus on Android (Score 1) 183

Are you joking?

If I have an IPv6 only internal network (not really exotic) I shouldn't be required to set up an IPv4 nameserver and DHCP server etc.etc. just for android.

Also your examples of NETBIOS and IPX are backwards. This is more like having to use a NETBIOS server in order to use IPv4... which would be equally stupid to having to use an IPv4 server in order to use IPv6.

Comment: Re:Ditch ChromeOS, focus on Android (Score 2) 183

I wonder if Android can at least do IPv6 correctly now. At the moment you can only use IPv6 in combination with an IPv4 DNS server (which has to be assgined using DHCP (IPv4). (RDNSS value from IPv6 is not used and you can't even specify IPv6 namservers manually for WiFi, thus a pure IPv6 environment is not possible)

Comment: Re:MultiLing (Score 1) 191

That is strange, for me the only permissions it requires are vibration and dictionary access.
Where did you check the permissions?
Go to Settings -> Apps - > Multiling O Keyboard then scroll down to see the permissions. (Those are the ones that the app requests, not the ones it shows at App ops)
Maybe the App ops is showing something that it wouldn't have access anyways..

Comment: They removed the best feature (Score 1) 107

by B2382F29 (#40013649) Attached to: New Firefox For Android Beta Released

Really, it seems they removed the only killer feature that Firefox had before, the way you could switch tabs.

Before, it was move to the right then select one of the big tabs on the left. Now I have to tap into some small corner to show the tabs? Really? I think I just stay with the built in (ICS/CM9) browser which basically works exactly like that and also hides the navigation bar once the page is loaded

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