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Acer, along with Toshiba, has by far the worst warranty support in the business. But unlike Toshiba, who have been improving their reliability scores over the years, Acer still uses bottom-shelf parts. These are still the only two companies that won't overnight replacement parts to a qualified technician, and instead send them seven-day mail. Acer is only worth buying if you upgrade like a madman or you can stand being without your machine for a couple of weeks. And every time I say this, someone jumps up to say that they had an Acer and they loved it, and that's fine. Your N is one. My N is greater than a thousand, and I can tell you with certainty and actual statistics that Acers break down like crazy. The only worse are Gateway and HP. Et voila: Also, don't buy Gateway or HP.

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We first caught sight D-Link's new 802.11n (or "Xteme N" as they like to call it) ExpressCard when it passed through the FCC in December, but the company's now finally letting the rest of us get our hands on it, along with a similarly "Xtreme" PCI Express card. As we knew before, the DWA-643 ExpressCard boasts compatibily with 802.11b/g networks in addition to the speedier 802.11n, along with support for all the usual security measures, but no support for Macs. The PCI Express model (DWA-556) will give you those same specs with the added benefit of three external antennas, although that of course comes at the expense of being tied to your desk. Both are available now, coming in at $119.99 for the ExrpressCard model and $149.99 and PCI Express one.

[Via I4U News]

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