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Comment Re:How to avoid managing H1-Bs (Score 2) 583

Been gov't employed for 5 months now, this isn't even hardly the case. There are almost no minority managers, let alone staff, and everyone generally is pulling their own weight.

Does not mean you're wrong, but the entire sphere of government employment isn't as racist as you are or make it out to be.

Comment Re:The basics (Score 3, Interesting) 302

Yup, and it's frustrating dealing with people with this mindset. I had a woman who held up her deployment of Office 2013 because she was convinced that uninstalling 2010 would nuke all her stuff. It took myself,the IT director, her boss and her all sitting down and us saying multiple times that this was not the case. This woman just could not understand that her files were not "in the program" but in their own container on the disk. Separately she could manage what we were saying when it came to individual components / concepts. I think she reached her internal RAM limit or something trying to envision files in this corner, program goes to said corner to get file.

My son (14) recently asked for a mp3 manager program. I told him to use the damn filesystem, and google it if he didn't understand. He has all his stuff tagged and arranged by folder, only took him a couple hour to arrange 1000's of songs, and he now understands how a filesystem works.

Comment Re:nature will breed it out (Score 2) 950

BINGO!! We have a winner.

IT isn't that the porn and video games have a higher priority, I think, in these people's minds. It is that dealing with women does not seem logically worth it in the long run. Chances are you are going to lose half your stuff, have your wages garnished forever, or have to deal with a person tha tis constantly making no sense in saying one thing and thinking another, and then doing another.

Obviously not all women act this way, but in my experience, FAR TOO MANY do.

Comment Re:Finally a replacement (Score 1) 166

"I have the same chip and it is ridiculous at everything but gaming."

There wasn't anything to translate here, I meant exactly what was said. It's good, until I try to run games, then performance is absolutely horrible.

"It's single core performance is laughingly bad."

And it is. Almost any game pegs one core at 100% while the rest are at 30% The 100% CPU core is the "main thread." If this is slow, the frame rate of your game WILL be bad no matter how many cores you have. I gained at least 50% performance switching to my quite real girlfriends computer, where the "main thread" pegs at about 40%.

Comment Re:So like Japan? (Score 1) 950

I really think the "problem" is the modern woman. They expect a man to be a mind reader, and are unbelievably entitled and selfish. They can never state clearly what they want, and even those few that can that changes it seems like every week.

Then there are the divorce stories. Who wants to lose half, or more of their stuff? Why bother?

Comment Re:City life (Score 2) 459

So effin true. I still have some physical (!) scars from being the kid who was "acting white" growing up. If it weren't for my family I would have probably killed myself, seriously, it was that bad. My son is going through a few of the same things, but he's more headstrong than I was, so he is handling it much better than I did.

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