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Comment: Re:City life (Score 2) 459

by Ayanami_R (#48361879) Attached to: Black IT Pros On (Lack Of) Racial Diversity In Tech

So effin true. I still have some physical (!) scars from being the kid who was "acting white" growing up. If it weren't for my family I would have probably killed myself, seriously, it was that bad. My son is going through a few of the same things, but he's more headstrong than I was, so he is handling it much better than I did.

Comment: Re:Clever! (Score 2) 96

Apple's edu discounts are still a joke. I used to work in education IT and would advise principals on tech decisions. Many of them wanted apple, but couldn't stomach the bill. By the time we add in the same warranty and service coverage that our PC's get (lenovo), it gets even higher. It was about 650 a seat versus 1000 overall.

Comment: Re:How to treat a loyal customer (Score 2) 571

by Ayanami_R (#42178083) Attached to: Microsoft Steeply Raising Enterprise Licensing Fees

It's free. It can't be good right? Seriously. It's what they believe!!!

This, a thousand times this. When we switched to voip and I brought up Asterisk/freepbx I almost got laughed out of the room because it was "free." Took several longish emails, a friend of mine that is an expert in voip to come in and talk to management, and more longish emails. Finally they caved. System has worked swell since day one and we haven't had to pay a dime in support. With these costs going up, time to take a look at gapps or something similar...

Comment: Re:FRIST POST! (Score 1) 63

by Ayanami_R (#40236807) Attached to: Google's Quickoffice Purchase Takes Aim At Windows 8

Well then call me stupid, but I prefer my TF300 over the iPad. Yes, I have used one, for 2 weeks after dropping my original tf101. It was an exercise in pure frustration. Editing text in text boxes alone drove me away from it. Then there is the letterboxing of widescreen content because the device, touted as one of the best ways to consume media, isn't widescreen. Getting my own music onto it was painful, playing my own video was equally painful. It refused to play nice with my DLNA setup, hell just accessing network shares took some effort. The youtube app is HORRIBLE and for a device that supposedly has no bloatware I could not remove newsstand, imessage, or a few other things I knew I wasn't going to use. Then there's itunes... I couldn't fully "sync" with more than 1 computer at a time. REALLY!? I threw some documents to take to work on it and then couldn't transfer them to my desktop. I missed widgets the most, having to open 8 apps instead of just a few swipes though my homescreens was painful.

Comment: Re:So like the Soviet Union? (Score 1) 716

50% aren't paying federal income taxes because their income is so LOW. As wages continue to stagnate, fewer people cross the line where they pay taxes. Don't understand wage stagnation? Don't think it's happening? My GF is in the food business. She was a restaurant manager in the early 2000's and started at 36k / yr. She found a position the other day similar to that one, with about twice the responsibility and hours, guess the pay? Yup, 36k. All the jobs she finds similar to that one from the early 2000's are all around the same number. Now what costs have gone up since then? Everything. As long as this continues nothing is going to get better.

This is why I despise the "trickle down" arguments made by the GOP and TEA parties. It used to work, but just does not anymore. The money goes up, and is never paid back down, at least not in the amounts (by percentage) that they used to. People need to spend more money to get out of this, but they have to earn more to start. No amount of education can escape teh fact that people are being paid at rates from 10, in some cases 20 years ago.

Comment: Re:I miss the good old days (Score 5, Insightful) 281

by Ayanami_R (#38963059) Attached to: 4G Phones Are Really Fast — At Draining Batteries

I would gladly take a "bulky" device with a ton of battery. I don't understand the the tablet manufacturers all trying to copy the thinness of the fruit product. Keep them relatively slim, but kill em on battery life. Take the transformer, it's thin enough and light enough. Now that they CAN make it slimmer than the fruit product DONT, fill the space with frigging battery!

Comment: Re:Leave It (Score 4, Informative) 715

by Ayanami_R (#38885117) Attached to: Apple Forcing IT Shops To 'Adapt Or Die'

They have pretty much lost the school system I work for with this rigid, we know better attitude. All administrators are on the lenovo tablet now. Supports AD and computrace right out of the box. Management tools are robust and support windows environments. We're ramping up to put tablet products on the schedule for students, it'll probably be the lenovo k1 ( or its upgrade) by then.

We had a school get 38 kindle fires, didn't ask IT of course. When we described the hell they would have to go through to manage and actually buy anything on them they were hastily returned, except the 1 that was opened. They were shocked that no, you cant buy stuff for all of them at once. Yes, you'll ned 38 different email addresses. No, if they get stolen they are gone and there is jack we can do to get them back.

Comment: Re:Wondering about desktop sales ... (Score 5, Interesting) 268

by Ayanami_R (#38633678) Attached to: Vizio Plans To Undercut The Market For All-In-One PCs

This is ultimitley why PC sales are down. Good enough old systems coupled with a broke populace = no new sales. Take it from someone who fixes computers for a living. My sales are way up as more people are getting older systems upgraded or repaired because they're still fast enough, and cheaper than a new machine. Ultrabooks aren't going to do dick to spur sales, as they are too expensive (even at price points like 649 usd) and most customers I talk to plan to spend less than 500 when they absolutely need a new machine. Apple is running out of people that can afford their product, and with food and fuel expected to surge next year I am fairly sure they have peaked. If people have to choose between an idevice or food and a non idevice I think we all know which one wins.

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