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Comment Re:The freedom of not having a car (Score 1) 242

Chicago, New York, LA, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco... need I go on. There are plenty of places with affordable and accessible public transportation. I go 10km each way and it's 1 - 1.5 hours each way. But I can do stuff as I am not driving read, pay bills, etc. I actually do most of my life management on the bus, by the time I get home all I have to do is eat dinner and then it's 100% my time. I don't want to spend my time fixing a POS car, or paying insurance on it, which is MORE than my monthly pass, easily. Owning any vehicle of any kind will cost more than a monthly transpo pass. On the weekends when I need to get groceries, I use zipcar, still cheaper than a car, even a POS.

Comment Re:16GB (Score 2) 190

Someone else with some sanity! I have a family full of 16GB users and it's NEVER been an issue. I am the family tech person and have fielded 1 question about running out of storage, in the 5 years I have owned smartphones. Luckily, it was my Android using cousin, and I taught him about microsd. I think it is hard for a lot of slashdotters to wrap their heads around the fact that most people do very little with these 650 dollar devices.

Comment No free lunch (Score 1) 318

Do you want major Corporations and those with money controlling the content on the web? Because, "I will block all ads, even static images" is how you get Corporations control content.

Ready to pay for "packages of sites? The " war" here hasn't even started and people are acting like its over. Those that can, will go paid. Want it free, you will see something you don't want to to pay for it. Some sites would actually save money if ad blocking people stopped coming. See what Verizon is doing with unlimited customers. Turning people awy can save you money.Lets not talk about how this will disadvantage those already effected by the digital divide.

A lot of very cool things will disappear that are in between needing ads and surviving on paid.

Comment Inevitable (Score 1) 100

Really, did no one think the advertisers wouldn't have a backup plan? Or ten? Everyone seems to think that they have "won" because ad blocking isnt just for geeks anymore, but the ad companies haven't even really started fighting them yet. The more people resist, the more advertisers are going to push stuff in your face. Why? Because companies are seeing that it's still effective, so they pay for it, and the tracking data is valuable to help plan strategy as well.

Comment Re:Of course Apple wants into enterprise though? (Score 4, Interesting) 88

They have a LOT to do. We have had to switch our clients over to a chip and pin AD login from a regular local account. There is no easy way to do this, We can't apply the new security to the old accounts directly, or so I am told, so we have had to make another account and then "port" the old account data into the new one. Time machine broken, because it is protected by UID, no matching UID no backup, period. Keychain wonkiness, everything you know can go wrong with a keychain, has. Dropbox broken, easily fixed, but still... The best part, when 10.11 comes out no one can update because it will break al the chip and pin stuff and users won't be able to login. We have had to send 2 FAQ's on dealing with the asininity of all of this, and we are still stumbling across issues. One of my co-workers is tasked with something to do with programmers and root, that does not like these new accounts. No, I am not helping with that crap. BTW, when this happened with windows, they just pushed a package that did all the wizardry, which was simply installing a card reader driver, and a script that made sure that if there was a matching local account UID that it inherited that account.

That brings me to the next issue, patch management, or rather the lack of it. When 10.11 comes out we have to hope everyone listens, because otherwise we're playing fun account movement games after downgrading them back to 10.10. users cannot install printers now, we have people bringing their printers in to work, so that we can install them. We have to patch everyone manually as there is no way to manage them with what we have.

IT has been an absolute mess, and the boss, who is normally ok with letting a small thing slide without a ticket, is demanding that every interaction related to this, even 15 seconds, have a ticket so that he can show the massive time costs of this nonsense.

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