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Comment: Re:Congress has its (collective) head buried... (Score 1) 289

"agency that's never accomplished anything" except, oh, keep the U.S. Nuclear Stockpile working? Turned solar cells from a 9% efficient, $5.50 / watt power source for exotic spacecraft into a bulk business now growing so fast it is eclipsing all new oil fired power in the country?
Hmm, maybe you might want to rethink that

Comment: Re:Rick Perry finally thought pf the third one? (Score 2) 289

Climate change and energy policy must be linked for no matter how 'much' energy, if the climate is made incompatible with the civilization Americans wish to experience, the 'energy savings' will be entirely lost in ameliorating the damage done.
A cheap barrel of oil that uses up groundwater will cost infinitely more once there is no food on the table thanks to rising water costs, which can only be offset by using UP the cheap oil to move water from somewhere else.
What the F ck is the Energy Dept. doing building nukes for the war dept anyway?

Comment: lack of regulation (Score 0) 533

by AutodidactLabrat (#47476355) Attached to: Rand Paul and Silicon Valley's Shifting Political Climate
Are we STILL hearing this lie?
You would think after the de-regulation fiascoes of 83, 87, 2001 and 2007 NO ONE would claim Capitalism is self-regulating
Add in Bohpal, the hideous conditions of the Maquiladoras, the coal slurry poisoning of West Virginia, the toxic foreclosure mess by NON BANKS which were not regulated, the Ford Pinto, the debacles of patent trolls etc.. and by now any 'deregulation' drivel would be a laughingstock!
But not for the 1%, who see only barriers to higher profits

Comment: Re:Ewww... (Score 0) 242

by AutodidactLabrat (#47440273) Attached to: Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water
"Dummies" seems a little strong
After all, isn't Texas a model for how America should be run?
I mean, no regulations of any kind (that can't be bought or bought off)
No worker safety laws (enforced)
No discrimination laws (enforced)
And no pesky College Grads not imported or created to fill a particular corporate servant slot.(or at least far fewer than the upper 45 states with higher K-12 to College grad rates).
Money being made everywhere, so what if people choked to death on Fracking fumes or starve on "contractor" pay rates?

Comment: Re:Distinct DNA (Score 1) 1330

BTW, your citation is a dead troll site now

Plover.Net is a free linux host for Interactive Fiction friends.

Plover.Net is sponsored by Textfyre, but at the moment, Textfyre is in a bit of a holding pattern financially. Therefore, I am now accepting donations. No one is required to donate, but I do appreciate it if you do.

Fiction is not much of a data source in support of your lack of rational argument woman-slaver.

Comment: Re:Distinct DNA (Score 1) 1330

And the answer is....Every ID Twin has never had a "unique" haploid fusion. It would follow from the " Unique DNA" argument therefore that one of the Twins (or triplets, etc.) is " Real Human" and the rest are not, mere copies without any rights at all, since they are not human beings.

This leaves us back at the beginning.

When is a Distinct, legal person present?


The 14th Amendment says " Citizens are BORN or Naturalized" and that is a good enough definition based on all the observed facts.

So, until such time as we have proof of the origin of human-ness, it will be the only valid description.

Comment: Re:A win for freedom (Score 1) 1330

If MEN have the right to healthcare (And the ACA grants that right) WOMEN have a 14th Amendment equal right. That kind of kills off the objection you claimed to healthcare rights. Every person in America has equal rights, privileges and immunities. The right of Texans to "justification based on popular opinion" (The Cullen Baker Defense") absolutely applies to Texas. That's why it is called " Jurisdiction". Since the Cullen Baker Defense has never been granted to a black, poor man means it is not constitutional even in Texas, being witheld from a portion of the Texans affected. The ACA is nationwide, its Jurisdiction (speech of the court) is national. I'm sorry you didn't get that. Maybe you need a cheap course in law from an actual lawyer. The National University offers them for about $200.00

Comment: Re:A win for freedom (Score 1) 1330

Yep, and it also means ALL immunities, privileges and rights.
Like the right to FULL healthcare now that every MAN has that right
Thus the right endures until a Rightwing Bigot named Alito says otherwise
Your problem with the 14th is that you added words not in the 14th in order to make your case.
Felons, btw, who have served out their sentences,CAN NOT be stopped without reasonable suspicion, cannot be searched without probable cause and have all other rights besides those losses permitted under the 13th Amendment.
You failed to make a factual argument and succeeded in demonstrating only your zeal, not your grasp of facts.

Comment: Re:Distinct DNA (Score 1) 1330

Every, repeat, EVERY 'variation' which makes "unique" DNA is a mutation. There is no other way of changing from mere replication to evolution
Like I said, correctly, a Cancer is unique in precisely the same way a zygote, embryo or foetus is unique.
Except in the case of cancer, failure to remove the parasite is ALWAYS fatal to the host as opposed to the z/e/f which merely threatens her life.

Comment: Re:A win for freedom (Score 1) 1330

You're missing the point. The RFRA CANNOT overcome HER 14th Amendment right to "equal rights, privileges (like healthcare) and immunities".
But Roberts has some red-meat Catholics to appease and thus never even claims the 1st Amendment applies, only that RFRA applies and REFUSED to consider HER rights.
Do try not to imagine motives when you do not even understand the law (14th Amendment) that was flouted.

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