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Comment: Just Republicans playing tricks again (Score 1) 179

by AutodidactLabrat (#49606325) Attached to: NASA Gets Its Marching Orders: Look Up! Look Out!
Hansen made the Koch brother's King Coal game impossible.
Republicans were bought and sold by them and demand an end to Global Warming Research, lest it harm the .0001% by the name of Koch.
A little education would prevent these kinds of 'rebranding' of the actual news
Salon with the skinny on defunding NASA climate science

Comment: Re:They do what they're paid to do... (Score 1) 550

There is no outrage, save by the professional agitators for more unregulated monopolies
How is that de-regulated trucking industry doing? High turnover, low pay, multiple occupational diseases? you don't say.
"The only thing worse than a regulated monopoly is an UNregulated monopoly" Ralph Nader.

Comment: Re:SpaceX and India? (Score 1) 91

As the several efforts at Trucking, Air Travel, Insurance, Banking and Financial services deregulation shows
What you get from privatization is higher costs for all but the most profitable segment of the business, monopolism and eventual fraud, deceit and theft.
When there is no hound, the fox will have chicken dinner every night

Comment: Re:that's for a ballistic projectile (Score 1) 282

As for that claim, I refer you to a Grade School web site...so you will stop embarrassing yourself.
And THAT is for an ideal rocket, which can never happen
Don't forget the weight of the shielding, cooling system and waste heat radiator

Comment: Re:In the never ending struggle between hope (Score 1) 282

I compare exhaust velocity (temperature or equivalent) with final velocity, see Tsiolkovski equation
for a GRADE SCHOOL EDUCATION you clearly need.
See that "exhaust velocity" figure? Exhaust velocity IS (linearly related to)temperature!

Comment: In the never ending struggle between hope (Score 1) 282

and reality, hope wins the money run every time
There will never be a nuclear thermal engine with an exhaust velocity higher than the melting point of the nozzle materials used (circa 3800 F) and thus, not one single iota of longer range flight for a given rocket size.
What's available for non-electrical accelerators is thermal velocity exhaust which most of us know means a maximum final Delta V from source of circa 58,000 ft/sec and that won't even get us to Jupiter in a lifetime (baring gravitational slingshots, an entirely different issue)
And electrical conversion of thermal energies are losers, with a minimum of 50% of the energy lost as radiant heat (Thanks Carnow).
So, nothing good here. Unless you can fission and confine the daughter products without mechanical contact (think gas fission at plasma temperatures) you will not go any faster than a chemical rocket would move you over a trans-martian orbit.

Comment: Re:Edjumacashun in the U.S.S.A (Score 1) 307

by AutodidactLabrat (#48949597) Attached to: The NSA Is Viewed Favorably By Most Young People
Bluntly, the more statist the nation becomes, the more intelligence the nation displays. China before Mao? Stateless and ignorant. Now? Running the world
The Soviet Union? Before Lenin and Trotsky, feudal, ignorant and helpless. During Stalin, absolute victory over the Hitlerian war-state.
In the end, only the organized nation-state can move out of the stone age.

Comment: Re:Tony Blair quoting Churchill quoting Verne (Score 1) 77

by AutodidactLabrat (#48888539) Attached to: Winston Churchill's Scientists
Yes, it is worse off, as the slaughter of 1 million innocent Iraqis to "protect our allies such as Israel...and our control over a significant portion of the world's oil" demonstrates.
When the leaders of the 'free world' can say that out loud (Dickhead Cheney in PNAC open letter to Bill Clinton, dated 1996) and then DO that mass murder and NO ONE brings them to justice, the world IS worse off.

Comment: Re:Tony Blair quoting Churchill quoting Verne (Score 1) 77

by AutodidactLabrat (#48851339) Attached to: Winston Churchill's Scientists
Actually, Capitalism is only unparalleled in extracting worth from labor. One has only to look at the working conditions of the Chinese 'volunteer labor' in those factories/barracks where hundreds of thousands live at the beck and call of Capital to realize the individual had far more personal gain as a farmer under communism than he or she has in a guard tower ringed, machine gun toting gestapo riddled 'workplace' under Capitalism.
Ultimately, the effects of Capitalism are mass deaths, the extinction of species, and the displacement of workers into destitution.

"Facts are stupid things." -- President Ronald Reagan (a blooper from his speeach at the '88 GOP convention)