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Comment Tell that to the Americans (Score 1) 203

whose air is finally breathable for 9 months a year in L.A. THANKS TO THE EPA
America tried De-REgulation.
What we got was less service, lower wages, higher prices and a nation dependent on foreign investment
Monopolism simply is not an answer

Comment I don't know (Score 1) 203

ask the Pentagon, which destroyed A-10's to make sure we gave them the hundreds of billions for the F-35 POS.
Or ask the Prisons, which let life prisoners go when they didn't get the RAISE they wanted.
Or ask NASA.
No, as usual, starving America for what we want and need while buying more war toys and cutting taxes for the top 1% (who got 45% of the tax savings) is more important than Americans breathing.

Comment Re:That's not a bomb, it's a clock! (Score 1) 657

Sure...if he were darker than a very mild peach.
ex. Black kid in park with bb gun, clearly marked. Shot dead.
Black man buying a b.b. gun. Shot dead.
White man on Capitol parkland with REAL assault rifle, asked for I.D..
I will say, this is an education.
Now he knows that his life is not valued at all, that white people WILL place his life in danger for nothing but their own ignorance.
Sounds like a fine way to create a Jihadi!

Comment The basis of business is... (Score 1) 60

H..Who benefits by wired connections?
the two monopolists, of course
Why have nonsense claims about point-point wiring "superiority" save to protect the monopolies?
But this is Capitalism, never forget that.
And the whole POINT of Capitalism is establishing and protecting monopolists
otherwise the dynastic inheritance based wealth class might find their gains shrinking.

Comment Re:Taxing the rich (Score 0) 591

A 10K deduction would be 20% of 50,000 per year of INVESTMENT income, thus, only the top 10% would benefit fully, and the majority not at all.
Nope, wrong direction again. Reward WORK, investments like education. Terminate all gains from speculation. This is the path to full employment, and it will never happen while the financial services sector commands 70% of the gains of the stock markets.

Comment Re:Some comments (Score 2) 591

O.K., show me what DOD has done IN BATTLE in the last 20 years that was not about, as Dick Cheney said in his Open Letter to Bill Clinton in 1999 "....protect the soldiers we will place in the area...and a significant portion of the world's oil". i.e. kill Saddam to make the price of oil more compatable with maximum income for the owners of oil stocks such as Dick Cheney
Lots of luck

Comment Re:Theory... (Score 1) 591

Catch up with the rest of civilization??? How? By forcing people to agree with 'Science'?

Or more precisely, your group of uneducated worshippers have declared science is incorrect, yet refuse to publish your critiques in peer reviewed formal academic journals, where science is debated among those capable of understanding the arguments
Thus, having refused to place your objections on the record, and allow them to be subject to peer review by the competent, you have surrendered the field to those who know and thus, it is time to end the charade
You have nothing, and no place left to sell your propaganda.

Comment Re:Theory (Score 1) 591

... Next thing you know they'll recognize that many people outside the repressed grumpy old white guy demographic hold conservative fiscal views and stop pushing them away.

No, they won't, because majorities of all the rest of the culture (71% in the recent round of polling by NBC/Gallup) support LIBERAL positions on taxation of the rich and proper distribution of the gains of labor

How come everyone's going so slow if it's called rush hour?