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Comment Re: Say what you will (Score 1) 231

The law of classification of public material as stated in USAF directives as "under no circumstances attempt to classify public information, so as not to draw attention to said material to the benefit of potential enemies"
Meanwhile, as FAS has demonstrated, Government employees who KNOW a piece of public intel is classified are forbidden to even try to LOOK AT IT. Now that is ignorance.
So the problem for the Hillary haters is they must now prove SHE knew the material in question was classified....except of course, the FBI admits none of this material WAS CLASSIFIED AT THE TIME it was clipped and included.

Comment Re: Say what you will (Score 1) 231

And she is telling the truth about classified information
since it was NOT classified at the time emails were routed through her server.
Newspaper clippings can not, BY LAW, be classified even if the information in them is considered to be classified.
And you, as the router, are not liable for the classification of things in your mail UNLESS said content is labelled by appropriate authority as classified.

Comment Re: The old adage (Score 1) 230

The "peak" of the U.S. Arsenal was 1979, when Carter began dismantling the 'tankbuster' tactical warfield weapons in Germany in favor of the never- released "Enhanced radiation"
Our purpose in a nuclear exchange remains as ever, the destruction of 90% of any possible enemy's population, infrastructure and retaliatory ability within 12 hours.
It's just easier now without a great mass of Soviet counterforce weapons

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