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Comment Re:So it's not Literal but Figurative (Score 1) 362

TFA seems only to prove that Apple is not 'tracking your every move' in the literal sense, they are just 'tracking your every move within the accuracy a phone on standby is able to, aggregated to a weekly basis'.

not weekly every few minuets, the program you were looking at only showed that in weekly chunks. The data has a whole lot more info.

Comment Re:PEBWAC (Score 1) 482

Look, there's a fucking input, output, and what you do to the air. Give me a button to select inside input (as opposed to the outside default), give me a damn slider that is shades from heat (which is really engine air) to nothing (Which is just recirculate) to cold (which flips on the compressor),

Leave the A/C alone. I *WANT* to control when the compressor comes on. A/C allows you to defog a windshield with the heat on or off.

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