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Comment More at play? (Score 1) 27

From what I'm reading on their web post about the issue, it seems like there might be *ulterior motives* to PayPal blocking Neo900 from getting their funds to run business as usual.

Probably because the tech inside the phone (modem separated from CPU and cannot be remotely activated whatsoever) poses a real danger to surveillance efforts from the US government, at least.

This is, of course, all speculation with a dash of paranoia. Maybe it is just some technicality that will be resolved in short order.

Comment What happens if USA does the same? (Score 1) 268

I'm *really* curious to know what would happen if China or some other country where we get most of our semiconductors from, for some unknown reason, cuts off production and exports to USA and we were left to fend for ourselves in terms of manufacturing computer hardware and other technology items...

Could US companies feel compelled enough to restart manufacturing back here on US soil and swallow lost profit margins?

Comment Unenforceable? (Score 2) 110

The impression I get from some of these smartphone quadcopter "pilots" that any and all of these rules are believed to be largely unenforceable in most areas of the country except for extremely dense public spaces... maybe.

Airports shouldn't be a problem for enforcing these rules, but in other places... I don't think they will fare well.

Admittedly, it would be pretty difficult without the right tech and a good set of eyes on the skies all the time in the city, countryside, and every other place around the country. Many people can probably get away with breaking these rules frequently without much, if any, consequence.

Comment "I don't want to set the world on fire..." (Score 2) 224

The video game franchise "Fallout" is all I'm thinking when seeing news like this. In the Fallout universe, nuclear war breaks out in the year 2077 between USA and China (in this universe, the USSR still exists and is an ally to China) as the Earth's non-renewable resources like fossil fuels run out.

In our world, it just seems to be purely over who controls the World Order: the East or the West? I'm sure there are many factors I'm unaware of right now, but this buildup of military forces in the Pacific has me concerned for the future.

For more info on what I'm referring to, here's the Fallout Wiki's article on the "Great War" aka WWIII.

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