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by AtOMiCNebula (#29402573) Attached to: Microsoft Interns Still Feel the Love

The work Microsoft interns do is along the same lines as what a standard developer does, aside from the fact that they have to ramp-up on the product and finish their project all within 12 weeks. What I'm trying to say is that while an intern obviously can't do as much as a normal FTE could in the same time period, as they have to learn along the way, they still do very real work. Interns certainly aren't coffee grabbers or paper filers, unless, of course, they're grabbing coffee for themselves.

The idea behind the program is that an intern is a potential new full-time hire, but because they're not ready to work full time (as in, they still have a year or two of college to complete), then Microsoft tests the water with us. They get a fair amount of work out of their interns, and the interns ramp up on a product at a rate that's ~80% of what they'd pay an FTE. If interns choose to return, then theoreticially, they've completed their ramp-up work already and hit the ground running.

Disclaimer: I was a Microsoft intern this past summer.


+ - Writing Open Source Documentation?

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An anonymous reader writes "I'm an Open Source guy. I run Linux, I suggest FF and to friends. And I'd like to give back. The problem is, I'm not a coder. So how do I go about writing documentation, and what kind of projects should I look into? What are some stellar examples?"

+ - How Best To Defend Student Bloggers' Rights?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A couple of my classmates are currently under fire for having ran a school gossip blog on The blog was promptly shut down after several students discussed on the blog complained to our principal, who in turn threatend suspension on the authors. However since the creators of the site have remained anonymous, our principal has further threatened police action to root them out if they do not come forward. A while a go discussed a case similar to this. Does the school have the right to subpoena about this? What would be the best plan for these students in order to defend their rights?"
Hardware Hacking

+ - DocuColor Tracking Dot Decoding Guide

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An anonymous reader writes "The EFF has posted a nice little guide decoding the grid that is printed by the Xerox DocuColor series printer. The FBI and NSA use this to keep track of certain groups, like Greenpeace, here in the US. The article itself only covers the DocuColor series printers, but the EFF warns that this maybe used by other printers as well. Very interesting read, and also very scary knowing that whatever we print can possibly be tracked with exact date and times and the serial number of the printer used. Enjoy!"
The Almighty Buck

+ - The Cost of Sneakernet

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SocialWorm writes "Jeff Atwood has posted an analysis of The Economics of Bandwidth over at Coding Horror . The surprising result is that, under most conditions, it's possible to send large amounts of data by FedEx or UPS cheaper than over the Internet. Specifically, he estimates that the cost of sending a hard drive in the mail is only 80% of that of sending the equivalent over a T3. Perhaps this indicates that it's time for a full RFC 2549 implementation."

Journal: 15 year old charged with sexual abuse of herself. 1

Journal by twitter

A teenager has been charged with sexual abuse of children, possession of child pornography and dissemination of child pornography after taking and posting pictures of herself to chat rooms. While investigation may have been justified, the continued possesion and presentation of evidence required by prosecution reeks of hypocrisy. How can they justify further abuse of the victim? How can they s

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