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Comment: Re:A fork for old machines (Score 5, Informative) 330

by Aspen (#37227832) Attached to: Linux Support Fades For 3Dfx Voodoo, Rage 128, VIA

Not sure that makes sense...from the article: "Code that was mostly unmaintained and didn't receive new feature support work in years." The volunteers already quit working on it years ago: this is just being honest about it.

Want to keep using the hardware? Just keep using the 7.11 release.

Comment: Not as silly as you might think... (Score 1) 156

by Aspen (#32248546) Attached to: Wii Could Be What the Doctor Ordered

Depends on what gets endorsed, of course. EA Sports Active is actually pretty intense if you follow it in good faith and use a decent resistance band.

The real key: it got me off my butt and moving for a few weeks, then I moved back onto the elliptical machine and got in decent shape for this spring. I can't complain about anything that gets you started & engaged.

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