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by Asgard (#44230437) Attached to: HTTP 2.0 Will Be a Binary Protocol

Exactly. It is useful to be able to demonstrate that a given request/response occurs with minimal interference. Otherwise there is always questions as to whether FireFox or Curl is sending a request 'differently' somehow; being able to show that a given behavior is reproducible with a request issued over least-common-denominator telnet is inarguable.

Additionally, telnet is nearly ubiquitous while protocol analyzers are much harder to find, plus are often forbidden on desktops in large corporate environments as a security issue either due to their sniffing capability or for innate vulnerabilities.

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by Asgard (#44154565) Attached to: Employers Switching From Payroll Checks To Prepaid Cards With Fees

They may be required to accept cash, but it can be very inconvenient. Cash transferred via 3rd parties (mail, drop-box, etc) could be pocketed'/lost' before it gets credited to your account, leaving you to pay the bill again plus late fees with no recourse as there is no paper trail. The alternative of spending a solid weekday (not everyone has a weekend office open) each month traveling to places where you can hand the cash to a person/machine and get an immediate receipt is not practical for many.

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Indeed. A frequent caller would normally find out that the options have changed on their first call after the change by way of being misrouted. An infrequent caller will have to listen to the prompts anyway. Telling both classes that the options have changed on every call takes up everyones time and rarely actually helps anyone.

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Legally, you do not have to pay any taxes until your file your tax return, but if you earn a taxable income of US$50,000.00, you will have to write a check for US$12,500.00 when you file your taxes.

Income taxes have to be paid throughout the year; if you are in a situation where you do not have an employer to do witholding on your income then you have to pay estimated tax payments. You can't just hold on to all the income tax money untill the end of the year and pay it in a lump sum; you'll be penalized for that.,,id=110413,00.html

What Ways Can Sites Handle Spambot Attacks? 75

Posted by Cliff
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Amazing Quantum Man asks: "I'm a member of a site devoted to nitpicking TV shows and movies. It has always had an open posting policy — no registration required, and you could use any name you wanted. This policy was instituted way back in 1998, and led to some quite fun, freewheeling threads on various boards. Recently, we have come under spambot attack, with spambots posting links to gambling and porn sites on every single discussion board on the site. The admins have been trying to block IPs, but it's useless against a botnet. As a defense, it looks like the site is going to require registration, and disable anonymous posting. Many regulars, while they understand the need, are concerned that the freewheeling character of the site will be lost. Let me continue by saying that I'm not a site admin, merely a member there. Also, if it helps, the site in question is running Discus. Has anyone here been in a similar situation? How did you handle it, and what did it do to the 'culture' of your site?"

+ - Quake 4: Raytraced

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Daniel Pohl
Daniel Pohl writes "After Quake 3: Raytraced there is now a new raytraced game. It's Quake 4: Raytraced! Besides the features from this scientific research projects includes now the following features: Support for Quake 4 shader scripting language, bump- and specular mapping, reflecting and refracting water with normal mapping, loading quake4 maps, support for md5 and lwo model format. In the research area a new algotihm has been invented to use rays for efficient collision detection ingame. Another interesting fact is, that the game runs factor 3.84 faster on Intel's latest quad-core-sytem (Core 2 Extreme QX6700) compared to single-core. More information, screenshots and a video can be found on the webpage."

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