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+ - Remote Assistance Solutions?

Arrow_Raider writes: I work in a smaller company and would like to know how other people in IT departments remotely connect to users' computers to give assistance. We have configured a GPO that applies to the entire company in Active Directory that allows domain admins to initiate Remote Assistance offers without the user needing to send a request.

This has worked fine in XP, but we have recently been setting up our new computers with Vista. This GPO still works in Vista, but if we do something that brings up the UAC administrator credentials screen, the remote assistance session pauses and we can't do anything until we have the user click cancel. On the dialog that the users are sent asking if they want to allow us to have control over their desktop, it says, "Allow (name) to respond to user account control prompts." If this is checked, the remote assistance isn't paused on UAC prompts. However, if the user checks this box, they are prompted with the UAC prompt for admin credentials which we of course can't give them.

How do other people deal with remote control? Do you use Remote Assitance? If so, with GPOs? Or do you use third party software?

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