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Comment: Re:I think this is a real good idea. (Score 1) 304

by Arrepiadd (#46332277) Attached to: Oklahoma Schools Required To Teach Students Personal Finance

More parents need to learn from your parents' mistake.

His parents' mistake? Or his mistake? Who the hell ends up with half a million in debt and manages to blame his mom, if not a whiner? Sure, his mom is at fault for not giving him an allowance, but if you can't figure out that consistently using more money than what you get is going to cause you problems then what the hell do you want your brain for?

This is like saying because your parents never gave you a bicycle you never learned to manage speed so all these high speed crashes you've had with your car are your dad's fault. He should man up and get real! His mom could have done better, but he's the one who screwed up!

Comment: Re:Iron Mountain places seem to burn easily (Score 1) 463

by Arrepiadd (#46171825) Attached to: Fire Destroys Iron Mountain Data Warehouse, Argentina's Bank Records Lost

And if you had read the first article linked in the summary, you'd find out about another one of their facilities who burned even earlier than that. But I'm not going to tell you more about it, I know reading the articles goes against Slashdot's MO.

Comment: Re:Too late, switched to Chrome (Score 2) 167

by Arrepiadd (#46160645) Attached to: Firefox 27 Released: TLS 1.2 Support, SPDY 3.1, SocialAPI Improvements

The first step to cutting web bloat is to disable JavaScript, but ironically Mozilla seems to be directly against this idea.

What world do you live in? I have to agree with the previous AC, it's a lost battle. Sure, for casual websites I can do without Javascript, and even opt to not look at blog X if it's done in such a crippled way that I'd need JS to read test. But my bank has such a web interface that I can't do without JS. Should I just start changing banks every time they do such a move? My time is more precious than that!

Hell, the nearest cinema has such a crippled webpage (recently upgraded to being a lot more JS-abuser) that I can't do anything (not even look at the schedule) without accepting a cookie for which is my preferred location (it's from a national chain of theaters). Almost feel like never going there again...

Comment: This is worse than child porn (for the company) (Score 4, Insightful) 112

by Arrepiadd (#45906089) Attached to: Security Experts Call For Boycott of RSA Conference In NSA Protest

'I can't imagine a worse action, short of a company's CEO getting involved in child porn,' says Carr.

The CEO getting involved in child porn means his personal life is tainted and he goes to jail and hell and all that.
This is bad news for the company because people lose their trust on the company. No one needs to identify with the CEO of a company... but not trusting a company in the security field doesn't bode well for said company.

Comment: Re:Why is "forgetting" such a problem apparently? (Score 1) 381

by Arrepiadd (#45897449) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Protect Your Passwords From Amnesia?

All he needs to do now is give the poem, but just the poem, to one person he trusts and these instructions he just posted to someone else. When he has amnesia, person 1 brings one side of the solution to his problem and person 2 brings the other side. Sure, they could look for the other, but they don't necessarily have to know each other. He can give the poem to a work colleague and the algorithm to a close friend. Both will know when he almost dies, but won't necessarily know how to find each other out.

Of course there is still the possibility of them being curious enough, but unless he has 1 billion dollars in his bank account (or something else super-interesting) it may simply be not worth the trouble (and since he knows the people around him, he can choose the ones most likely to not even bother with it). And it definitely beats my system... since I create random passwords, I cannot give anything but the actual key.

Comment: Re:Double edged sword (Score 1) 103

by Arrepiadd (#45855095) Attached to: Unencrypted Windows Crash Reports a Blueprint For Attackers

When it is sent in the clear, at least you could sniff your traffic and see what Microsoft is getting. So with encrypted crash reports, you need to trust Microsoft more than now.

Sure, but when sent on the clear you need to trust everyone between you and Microsoft. I know this is Slashdot, but Microsoft may not be your worst enemy.

Comment: Re:Discrimination could work against you (Score 1) 365

by Arrepiadd (#45606087) Attached to: FCC Chair: It's Ok For ISPs To Discriminate Traffic

the ISPs will do whatever they want that works out best for their bottom line.

I don't even see why they won't go forward with screwing SSH and other low latency dependent applications, once this crap becomes acceptable: "Oh, you need your packets to arrive in less than 2 seconds? We have this extra-upgrade just for you."

Comment: Re:It's Iron Maiden all again (Score 1) 244

by Arrepiadd (#45605783) Attached to: Spotify's Own Math Suggests Musicians Are Still Getting Hosed

But even the Iron Maiden story suggested no one makes money off of selling CDs. Sure, to make millions like Iron Maiden does, it's hard, no doubt about that. But if even them don't make any serious money out of selling CDs, why do we expect anyone else to do? How much money do Iron Maiden make out of Spotify? Is an indie artist seriously going to expect more?

Comment: Re:Just wait until... (Score 1) 549

by Arrepiadd (#45592871) Attached to: RF Safe-Stop Shuts Down Car Engines With Radio Pulse

I wonder if a country could actually orbit a satellite with enough power and a spot beam to stop cars in an entire city... in the name of anti-terrorism, of course.

Sure... and in the process kill all other electronics. Use satellite to prevent a terrorist car from moving to its target in NY city. Leave the entire city to deal with the economic (and social) impacts of shutting it down for 10 minutes.

Comment: It's Iron Maiden all again (Score 2) 244

by Arrepiadd (#45592757) Attached to: Spotify's Own Math Suggests Musicians Are Still Getting Hosed

Two days ago we had a story about how Iron Maiden is making big bucks by touring and not by selling CDs or whatever. Everyone agreed, back then, that this is the way to make money in the music industry.

Are we now surprised that no one gets to be a millionaire just out of Spotify?

Comment: Re:Kill pact (Score 1) 961

by Arrepiadd (#45582381) Attached to: Why Scott Adams Wished Death On His Dad

I am not sure what she'll do after but I am positive I'll commit suicide after killing her.

So, if you're wife gets in a car accident next week and you face this decision, are you sure you are willing to kill yourself? Or you're just telling us that in the remote future when you're a really old man and she is super-sick, etc., etc... Because you know, life often doesn't turn out how we planned it.

"It ain't so much the things we don't know that get us in trouble. It's the things we know that ain't so." -- Artemus Ward aka Charles Farrar Brown