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OLPC To Be Distributed To US Students 338

Posted by kdawson
from the seizing-the-initiative dept.
eldavojohn writes "The One Laptop Per Child Project plans to launch OLPC America in 2008 , to distribute the low-cost laptop computers originally intended for developing nations to needy students here in the United States. Nicholas Negroponte is quoted as saying, 'We are doing something patriotic, if you will, after all we are and there are poor children in America. The second thing we're doing is building a critical mass. The numbers are going to go up, people will make more software, it will steer a larger development community.'"

+ - HD-DVD or Blu-Ray: which is more F/OSS friendly?

Submitted by filbranden
filbranden (1168407) writes "I'm no expert on the formats for hi-def DVDs, and I have no opinion on which is better. But I wonder which of them is more open and friendlier to F/OSS. That means, which of them has less DRM, which is less patent-encumbered, are there open source software players for any of them? HD-DVD? Blu-Ray? Both? None of them?"

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