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Arkiel's Journal: PostExpression ARG phase 2

Journal by Arkiel
The following is a sum total of knowledge at my disposal regarding the apparent Alternate Reality Game PostExpression.

The current stage has brought us to the website commsforspirits.com, meaning Communications for Spirits. As of 2200 Greenwich Mean Time June 25th, 2006, the site has changed to show the following image located at http://www.commsforspirits.com/i/pe_june25.gif.
The image present is a person standing on top of a raining cloud with an antennae. Clearly a mediaglyph of the text present in the image: "Death Ends A Life, Not A Relationship", "Communications for Spirits", "This changes life, and death, online".

Within the HTML source of the website, the following is commented out: "pe_pamiabftcs". Major props to LacrimaWanders for pointing that out - my source browser opened small, and I was unaware any notation occured below the closing HTML tag. A little savvy and experience with the previous stage of the ARG yields an image located at commsforspirits.com/i/pe_pamiabftcs.gif, it's message is "Pluck a message-in-a-bottle from the cyber sea."

Here is where progress on the stage peters out. The index page for commsforspirits.com/i has "tut-tut" commented out of the HTML source, but there is no indication if this is intended to obfuscate the location of commsforspirits.com/i/pe_pamiabftcs.gif, or some other image whose name we must guess.
Proceeding along various lines of inquiry in line with the first stage of the ARG. There may be a .txt file. That hypothetical .txt file is not, apparently, named after any of the images on the site. The /i subdirectory is the only one that returns an index.html page, any efforts to solve the problem should at least be tried in this directory.
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PostExpression ARG phase 2

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