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Comment Re:Pepsi Max, Diet Mtn Dew, and Dr Pepper Ten (Score 1) 342 342

I disagree about the fries v chips, fries as you're thinking are the crap mcdonalds version. Whereas, fries at a decent place are seasoned and yummy. I LOVE that your local pizzeria will come back when you forget you ordered pizza because of your Parkinson's.

Comment Re:so... (Score 1) 342 342

I generally do this as well... My work is right up the street, so I use that. And since I work at a hotel, we get all sorts of names over the course of a year. I usually decline to offer any true info... zipcode? Why yes, I happen to know one from across the country. Phone? Google voice, go ahead, call it. No one will ever pick it up. :-D

Comment Re:Customer information sharing (Score 1) 526 526

I use my boss' card for work a couple times a week.
I've signed everything from his name to scribbling little pictures.
No one has ever said anything. And the 2x I've been IDed, I just told them it wasn't my card.
They processed it no problem. Cashiers don't much care.

Submission + - Wireless Carriers Block Access to FreeConference

Stitch_Surfs writes: "In a letter sent to customers today, FreeConference is reporting that AT$T/Cingular, Sprint and Qwest have begun blocking the telephone numbers that terminate into FreeConference's bridge, effectively making it impossible for millions of individuals to utilize their popular free conference calling service..."

Submission + - Modern Technology Reveals Mummy's Past

mamamia writes: The baby mummy had a European mom, and likely came from a wealthy family. But where he lived and why he died — and at such a young age — remain a mystery. The mummy, exhibited for the first time Thursday at the Saint Louis Science Center, has been the year-long focus of an international team of investigators. The museum said it may be the most extensive research project ever undertaken on a child mummy.

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