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Comment Re:memresistor? (Score 3, Informative) 172

No, you can still soft reset. Once the kernel gets reloaded (by powering on/off and handled by the boot loader) then effectively everything in a section of your "disk" reserved for process memory ("volatile memory") goes *poof* because the new kernel isn't tracking any of it.

Additionally with a non-volatile memory the system could be "suspended to disk" / hibernated simply by syncing all pending writes and powering off. In most cases a 1000 ms operation. Resuming would have similar performance. The machine could also resize "volatile memory" dynamically. Think growing/shrinking your /dev/mem file. You wouldn't necessarily need to have it all contiguous or represented with a single file either. Certain applications would have an expectation of contiguous memory though.

Comment Tit For Tat (Score 1) 93

If I am one of twelve people with a rare genetic mutation, then perhaps I let them study my genes in return for researching a cure for my condition. The drug company stands to make a lot of money off of helping many people, so they can easily invest some into my problem of feeling no pain. Seems like a fair trade, right? Because it's a bit of a drag to think you've just sustained a flesh wound when actually your arm's off.

Comment Hacking On Law (Score 1) 165

Alright, I'll hack on this law code for you. I'll start in my usual way when working on some poor, neglected, broken piece of crufty code:
  1. Remove trailing whitespace
  2. Remove mixed indent of tabs/spaces
  3. Make indent consistent at four spaces
  4. Wrap all lines at 80 columns max
  5. Delete unused variables and data types
  6. Delete unreachable functions
  7. Delete commented out code

There, now if the law doesn't work a bit better, at least it will be easier to read and you can look at it in two terminals side by side!

Comment Re: News for nerds (Score 1) 866

You are forgiven. I believe OP used the term "scientism" to distinguish dogmatic thinking based on someone's misguided idea of the principles of science from the actual thing. Essentially you have just agreed with the OP thus it is kind of pointless to have picked a part out of context to rebut. However, congratulations on all the mod points you received for it.

Comment Re:If that's what you want (Score 2) 648

Too bad Groovy's REPL is very nearly utterly useless since it can only compile and run a single statement/block at a time:

groovy:000> def num = 1
===> 1
groovy:000> println(num)
Unknown property: num

There are a lot of other things wrong with Groovy but I get how attractive it can be after you have already painted yourself into a corner with loads of horrendous Java code. I get paid to write Groovy (among other things) but I'd rather be writing Python.

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