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Journal: Latest site design

Journal by Archeleus

Is nice, okay agreed, but I still will prefer a plain HTML version to these JavaScript intensive designs which will raep old computers. For one, the preview button while posting a comment is taking too long. Also, I absolutely hate fixed elements in a page. Glad that its fixed (is it?).

First journal entry on slashdot from this profile.

Comment: Re:More benchmarks (Score 1) 158

by Archeleus (#35002530) Attached to: Nvidia Unveils New Mid-Range GeForce Graphics Card

Going by this, this card ain't worth getting. My 480 GTX performs close enough at 1080p and it will keep going on for half a year more or so. Of course I don't mind reducing AA to 2x, you don't realise notice the changes when getting shot in the ass by Koreans.

I may get it after Deus Ex Human Revolution is out though.

The solution of this problem is trivial and is left as an exercise for the reader.