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Comment: Re:stunned (Score 1, Insightful) 705

by ArbiterShadow (#29348871) Attached to: The Case For Mandatory Touch-Typing In High School

I've seen developers who can't touch-type and that is pathetic when such a skill means so much to getting the job done.

I have to disagree here. Typing is most definitely not the bottleneck when it comes to coding - thinking is.

I consider myself a perfectly good developer, and I can't touch-type in the traditional sense (I can type at a decent rate using most of my fingers, but I have to look at the keyboard every now and again.)

Comment: Re:bad idea (Score 0) 121

by ArbiterShadow (#28713491) Attached to: Integrating Wikipedia With a Local Intranet Wiki
I also think this is actually a decent idea. The only problem is that it takes a bit of user configuring, and will also make changes to the page on Wikipedia as well as the "internal" version. You could also just keep a server running that mirrors Wikipedia for the pages that you want, and uses said regexes to insert the internal links then. Transforming at compile time rather than runtime, if you will.

Comment: Re:OOh (Score 1, Insightful) 803

by ArbiterShadow (#28713245) Attached to: Windows 7 Clean Install Only In Europe
Agreed. Sure Linux "just works", after you figure out how to use the console, install a new wireless manager, find all the random configuration files you need to change and change them, figure out how to install proprietary graphics drivers so your display doesn't suck, etc etc etc... Windows, on the other hand, actually does "just work" right off the bat. Of course, if you want it to not suck, there's still a bunch of work to do; installing Firefox/other non-IE browser, removing crapware, etc etc. But most Joe PCs don't bother with this and manage to get their work done without any significant setup.

The more they over-think the plumbing the easier it is to stop up the drain.