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by AntiSol (#47700899) Attached to: Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft

Indeed - people are complaining simply because it's different to what they're used to. Mac users don't like windows. If you switch back you'll have the same problem to a certain extent.

I'd be very interested to see how the number of complaints about the open-source software stacks up against a huge MS-imposed change like the office ribbon. I'd expect the numbers to be similar. People will complain if you change the default colour or font of something - of course they're going to complain when you switch the software they're using.

This does scream fishy to me. We all know that Ballmer flew out to Munich to try to talk them out of switching in the first place. It would be naieve to think that MS has just given up on Munich - there's too much at stake - if it goes well for Munich, other cities will follow, and then open-source could spread into the corporate sector, and that would be BAD.

A lack of integrated email/contacts/calendar? That's not a complaint - try Thunderbird with the Lightning add-on. If that doesn't do what you need, look for another option - there are probably hundreds. Maybe you want something web-based? There are a bunch of those.

Another option would be to take e.g the cost of one license for a mid-sized MS exchange server and split it into bounties for the features you want - you'd probably have your features in a couple of days. $10k would buy A LOT of open-source development. And the rest of the world gets your features too, for free! Compared with the cost of Windows licenses it's small potatoes, and it's a community service. It's win-win for everybody. Except MS.

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by AntiSol (#47700513) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Would You Pay For Websites Without Trolls?

Define "Troll".

What you might call a Troll comment, I might consider an extremely insightful and positive contribution to human society.

If I put up an inflammmatory post on an astrology forum telling people that they're idiots for believing in astrology - a position borne out by science and IMHO entirely accurate - am I trolling, or trying to enlighten people?

Is it different if I "Troll" in the same way on an anti-abortion forum?
What if it's the westboro baptist church's website I'm "trolling"? What about the KKK or NAMBLA? At what point does trolling become noble?

How are you going to do away with the "Trolls" and maintain an open discussion where unpopular but correct points can be raised? I smell censorship.

So to answer your question, no - I wouldn't pay to read the same three safe opinions regurgitated over and over again.

If you feed trolls, you're an idiot. But to try to silence them would be even stupider.

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by AntiSol (#47653023) Attached to: Microsoft Surface Drowning?

of late they are doing really nice work and getting mocked despite doing real innovation


Or did you mean "innovation" in the traditional microsoft sense ("borrowing" ideas)?

I'm still yet to see a single example of Microsoft innovating, ever. But then I stopped paying attention to what they were doing nearly 10 years ago now, so maybe I'm wrong.

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I simply won't buy a phone without any real input methods - I drank that koolaid once and I'm not feeling particularly masochistic - I spent a year trying to type on a touchscreen, and I'd rather have my face torn off by ravenous wolves than try it again. Haptic feedback is essential as far as I'm concerned. There are the other usability issues, like a system which assumes that I didn't mean to type what I typed, but for me it's the sense of touch which makes all the difference. Your can feel the edge of a button and tell you when your finger is improperly positioned without looking at it. you know when it has been pressed because you feel it press down. And there are more than 26 buttons - ever tried to cat ~/file.sql.gz | pv | ssh user@host "gunzip | mysql db_name" on a touchscreen? You'll wish you had a gun.

At the moment I'm using a shitty nokia because I needed a new phone immediately and that was the only one in the entire shopping centre with actual buttons.

If my choice next time is a phone with touchscreen only or no phone at all, it'll be a tough decision - no phone at all has its advantages.

I blame Tom Cruise - this notion that touchscreens aren't a horrible idea all started with Minority Report.

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by AntiSol (#47454083) Attached to: NSA Says Snowden Emails Exempt From Public Disclosure

I expect that the NSA has done that in the proper forums for discussing classified matters: in meetings with the administration, in closed sessions of Congress, and before the courts in closed hearings.

There's your problem right there: you expect people who are demonstrably untrustworthy to do the right thing.

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by AntiSol (#47373841) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is It Feasible To Revive an Old Linux PC Setup?

One thing that I can say is that if you're running a modern distro you'll likely run into problems with Unreal Tournament's sound support - it only supports OSS, and it expects that /dev/dsp exists.

On my Ubuntu 12.04 box, I have to use padsp when launching UT to get any audio, and when I do use padsp I get a ~500ms delay on the audio - it's unplayable. A real pity.

I think that this could probably be fixed by ripping out pulseaudio and installing the real OSS, but I don't know for sure and didn't want to get that drastic on my everyday machine. Also, you might find that the UT binary has old OSS libs compiled in statically, so it might not work even then.

I'd be really interested to hear anybody's solutions to this dilemma - I miss UT!

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by AntiSol (#47144413) Attached to: OpenPandora Design Files Released

I bought one in January. It's absolutely spectacular. It's quite possibly the best computer I have ever owned.

this thing is a MAME device that costs close to $600

No. Calling it a MAME device is not even beginning to do it justice. Sure, I have something like 40,000 MAME ROMS loaded on mine, but that's just one SD card. Another SD card is a truecrypt volume. Another contains 40 years worth of X-Men comics. Another has all the SCUMM games, a ridiculous number of C64 games, and a bunch of Playstation games. I've just started playing with some of the audio production apps - soon I'll figure out how to use the pandora as a MIDI controller, that'll be cool. Chromium runs well for web browsing as long as you limit the number of tabs you have open. Office apps like Libreoffice and dia run well. But for me, I think that the terminal, scite, and ssh are the killer apps - some things aren't available on the pandora (which actually means "I haven't bothered trying to compile them yet"), sometimes I want to offload processing to a faster machine. And sometimes I need to restart my webserver... actually, the real killer "app" is the hardware keyboard.

The range of software available in the repos is staggering given the system specs (it runs blender! :O), and the quality generally high. The native games available should not be trivialised, either - special mentions go to asciiportal, boson-x, audiorace, pewpew2, and the arkanoid remake. Some of these are huge time sinks.

$600?!? pah! In AU, where we try to stay at least 10 years behind the rest of the world, it's nearly AU$800 once you throw in some accessories and shipping, but I really think it was worth every penny.

Yes, it's not as impressive in specs today as it was when it was designed. They got screwed and they had production problems, so it took a lot longer to get built than it should have. But they did manage to bring it to market eventually and they've done as much as they can to get units to the people who preordered. And they've been fairly transparent about all this, so I think that they're credible. On the other hand, I would have been really annoyed if I'd preordered and I'm glad I didn't.

People ask me what it is, and I describe it as a full computer which can do most things their laptop can do - it's the best way I've found to describe it. Flexibility is the key - I was running the JACK audio framework and a couple of software synthesizers last night and started to run out of memory, so I switched to my terminal and enabled the swap partition on my SD card. Problem solved.

It's not just a MAME machine!

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by AntiSol (#46621407) Attached to: Dropbox's New Policy of Scanning Files For DMCA Issues

Well, technically, after enough time somebody *will* eventually try to upload a perfectly legitimate file which just happens by coincidence to have the same hash as something that was taken down, and that uploader will get an erroneous error message blocking them from sharing their own work.

So you don't have to be distributing copyrighted material for this to be a problem, but probability is on your side - it's probably not likely to happen for decades or centuries, depending on the hashing algorithm used. But it just might happen to you tomorrow.

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by AntiSol (#46569983) Attached to: KDE and Canonical Developers Disagree Over Display Server

Or maybe he's somebody who:
* cares about real-estate on his screen and the density of information displayed vs shininess. Those borders and "modern" task bar are huge!
* is interested in having a UI that responds in a timely manner rather than having pretty but utterly useless animations that make him wait half a second every time he clicks on something.
* wants to use less memory for caching pretty animations and more for the programs he's running
* wants his processor to be working on the task he has assigned it rather than showing him shiny animations
* feels like it's more important to make something stable than pretty
* feels like it's more important to make something efficient than pretty
* feels like it's more important to make something compatible than pretty

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by AntiSol (#46032685) Attached to: Translating President Obama's NSA Reform Promises Into Plain English

That's all very interesting and I'm really happy for you that you're able to follow a conversation and then summarise it, but everything you said is totally irrelevant to the point I was making. In fact, it doesn't even address my statement except to insult me. Those are some magnificent debating skills you have there - are you planning on going into politics one day?

How does any of that make the "freedom is more important than safety" quote imply that safety is not important? Please provide an explanation of how the phrase "freedom is more important than safety" indicates an absolute value for safety. Alternatively, you could just shut the hell up - that might prevent you from looking any stupider.

Now you owe me 2 IQ points in addition the AC's 5, and I'm going to stop reading this thread before I'm dragged even further down to your level of intelligence - another 200 or so posts like this and I'll be as dumb as you.

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