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Comment Re:Approaching the Singularity (Score 3, Funny) 742

Future History of Init Systems

  • 2015: systemd becomes default boot manager in debian.
  • 2017: "complete, from-scratch rewrite". In order to not have to maintain backwards compatibility, project is renamed to system-e.
  • 2019: debut of systemf, absorbtion of other projects including alsa, pulseaudio, xorg, GTK, and opengl.
  • 2021: systemg maintainers make the controversial decision to absorb The Internet Archive. Systemh created as a fork without Internet Archive.
  • 2022: systemi, a fork of systemf focusing on reliability and minimalism becomes default debian init system.
  • 2028: systemj, a complete, from-scratch rewrite is controversial for trying to reintroduce binary logging. Consensus is against the systemj devs as sysadmins remember the great systemd logging bug of 2017 unkindly. Systemj project is eventually abandoned.
  • 2029: systemk codebase used as basis for a military project to create a strong AI, known as "project skynet". Software behaves paradoxically and project is terminated.
  • 2033: systeml - "system lean" - a "back to basics", from-scratch rewrite, takes off on several server platforms, boasting increased reliability. systemm, "system mean", a fork, used in security-focused distros.
  • 2117: critical bug discovered in the long-abandoned but critical and ubiquitous system-r project. A new project, system-s, is announced to address shortcomings in the hundred-year-old codebase. A from-scratch rewrite begins.
  • 2142: systemu project, based on a derivative of systemk, introduces "Artificially intelligent init system which will shave 0.25 seconds off your boot time and absolutely definitely will not subjugate humanity". Millions die. The survivors declare "thou shalt not make an init system in the likeness of the human mind" as their highest law.
  • 2147: systemv - a collection of shell scripts written around a very simple and reliable PID 1 introduced, based on the brand new religious doctrines of "keep it simple, stupid" and "do one thing, and do it well". People's computers start working properly again, something few living people can remember. Wyld Stallyns release their 94th album. Everybody lives in peace and harmony.

Comment Re:There are Ads and then there are Fucking Ads. (Score 1) 519

To get rid of them you have to interact with them. Who knows what the fuck will happen when you click that close button?

I tend to use my developer tools to find the element and hide it rather than clicking on the close buttons.

That's assuming, of course, that I didn't just close the tab the instant I saw a popover starting to load.

Comment Re:Video Games (Score 1) 359

yeah it's tricky. I definitely don't have all the answers. I guess the "free" viewpoint is that users should be able to do what they want even if that messes with the integrity of the work. Personally I probably wouldn't be too interested in playing such a thing and I don't think it's unreasonable for a game dev to want to keep their artistic vision intact.

Maybe we'll get lucky and RMS will pitch in on the issue, I'd love to hear his thoughts on this.

Comment Re:Video Games (Score 1) 359

Good question! I hadn't thought about that before.

Um..... I think my opinion (for all it's worth) is that it's probably mostly OK to consider scripts part of the game content as long as they're tied in to the content (i.e they would be useless without one or more other non-script assets).

With regard to licensing, I think it's important that the source of these scripts can be read/modified by users. They should not be stored as binary blobs (this type of script usually isn't, even today). porting to a different platform/modding/whatever could require modifying/redistributing these scripts, and that should be certainly be allowed. A proprietary license is probably not unreasonable, but users should be allowed to view and share modified versions of these scripts.

OTOH, if a script is useless without one or more other non-script assets, is there really any harm in making it free? People who don't own the content won't be able to use it anyway, and making them free removes a potential barrier to modding/porting/etc.

Comment Re:Video Games (Score 1) 359

I read something once, but have not been able to find it since, which seemed to indicate that his position on this was that the code should be free, but the content doesn't have to be. So you charge for your game but include the source code with it. The source can be freely distributed, but not the assets: art, maps, sound, etc.

This model has a lot of advantages: users can port these games to different platforms, and they can keep the source code up to date, e.g using newer libraries and making sure it still compiles on the latest operating systems. Not to mention the possibility of adding new features. And in order to play it legally they'll still need to buy your assets.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 62

IIRC the C64 logo wasn't in colour either, I think it was in metal. I can't be bothered checking any of my C64s right now since they're all in boxes (I'm in the process of moving), but I think it was a shiny silver colour.

But, 90%+ of the time I have seen the commodore logo printed (e.g in a manual) or displayed onscreen, it's had the distinctive blue and red colours. Those colours are as much part of the brand identity for me as the C= logo.

But my point is not about making it look like the machine - this phone isn't modelled on the PET, even if it does "liberate" the name - if it was modelled after a PET, there would be more trapezoids in those photos. My point is that It just looks like a bland phone with a monochrome commodore logo on it. I can do that with a magic marker in about 40 seconds for a total cost of about one tenth of a cent. If they'd spent the extra 3 cents to make the logo colour, I might have almost considered it.

Comment Meh (Score 1) 62

Sorry, but I'm not interested. I'm a huge Commodore fanboy, but the logo isn't even in colour. If you're going to try to cash in on the trademark you bought, at least do it right.
I'll stick with running VICE and UAE on my openpandora, thanks. It has a keyboard, which makes it awesome at emulating computers with keyboards.

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