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Comment: Just in Time Compiling (Score 3, Interesting) 132

by AntiRush (#31080890) Attached to: Swiss Firm Claims Boost In Android App Performance
I imagine a big part of the speed increase comes from JIT - something that the current Dalvik implementation on Android doesn't do. There is, however, an experimental JIT branch. It would be nice to see how Myriad's stacks up to it. This test claims about a 3x increase in speed by enabling the existing JIT features.

Comment: Re:I'm waiting.... (Score 4, Interesting) 198

by AntiRush (#28392207) Attached to: Google Voice Grabs 1 Million Phone Numbers
I have a google voice account (transferred over from grandcentral) and in general I didn't find the GV android app to be all that usable. The extra overhead ended up making me miss a lot of calls that I wouldn't otherwise have. Another problem was that dialing out either involved using the GV application which dials your Google Voice number and places the call via their system or making calls from your real number. The former put a 10 - 15 second overhead on making a call and the latter tends to confuse people because they are receiving a call from a different number than the one they (were told to) call.

I ended up giving my real number to anyone that mattered. I still use my Google Voice number for anything online or calls/text messages that I potentially want to screen. It's a great service but it didn't work for me as an every day number.

Comment: An app that smashes its own stack (Score 3, Interesting) 114

by AntiRush (#28346923) Attached to: Hackers Find Remote iPhone Crack
I haven't done the legwork but it appears that an attack vector exists via the App Store. Applications allow downloading of data files (podcasts, for example).

Simply get your application published and give people some incentive to download it (for free). Once your intended target or target quota has installed download a "media file" that's actually the malicious binary. Then it's just a matter of smashing your own application's stack to run the code.

Comment: My Dad played as a kid (Score 2, Interesting) 29

by AntiRush (#28290025) Attached to: Strat-O-Matic and APBA Keep On Ticking
And I played a lot with him when I was younger. Strat-O-Matic is a blast. It's really evolved with the advent of the internet - they do have a computer version of the game but even more importantly leagues have formed using messageboards and the like. These leagues weren't possible in 1961 and they have some genuinely interesting outcomes for a baseball stat addict.

+ - New attack exploits virtually all intranets, VPNs-> 1

Submitted by redsoxh8r
redsoxh8r (1126731) writes "Security researcher Robert Hansen, known as Rsnake, has developed a new class of attacks that abuses a weakness in many corporate intranets and most browsers to compromise remote machines with persistent JavaScript backdoors. Threatpost reports: "The attacks rely on the long-term caching policies of some browsers and take advantage of the collisions that can occur when two different networks use the same non-routable IP address space, which happens fairly often because the amount of address space is quite small. The bottom line is that even a moderately skilled attacker has the ability to compromise remote machines without the use of any vulnerability or weakness in the client software. "If you're even vaguely clever, developing this might take you two hours. It's not that difficult," said Robert Hansen, the researcher who wrote about the attacks in a white paper published this week, called "RFC1918 Caching Security Issues.""
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