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Comment: NSA and phone records (Score 1) 68

Maybe that is why the NSA is so intent on collecting the CDR (call detail records) data from Verizon, and others. Maybe it is really the meta data about the calls that they are after as a way to profile potential terrorists?

Still don't like it, but at least this would be a logical thing for them to do.

Comment: Reckless reporting (Score 1) 1078

by Ant2 (#43609421) Attached to: Florida Teen Expelled and Arrested For Science Experiment

What is worse is that this article [] has published the girl's full name and complete address. Despite this apparently being legal to do in Florida, the reporter is being reckless. It adds no value to the article and does endanger this minor and her family.

Here is the writer's email if you wish make any suggestions.

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