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Comment: Or maybe... (Score 1) 334

by Anonymousslashdot (#39793787) Attached to: Childhood Stress Leaves Genetic Scars
They do infact get older from experiencing the many incidence of physical abuse ? Sorry for the car analogy, but if you drive a city car offroad, you'll have to fix it more often, and it will eventually go junk much faster. You exchange bits and parts in a car by buying new parts, and the body exchanges dead cells for new ones by dividing cells, and the telomeres shorten. No new concept of "genetic scars" required.

Comment: Enthusiastic kid programmers ? (Score 1) 212

by Anonymousslashdot (#39768653) Attached to: Sinclair ZX Spectrum 30th Anniversary
Not me... Hated the keyboard with rubber keys and the crude T9 typing. Managed to retype one or two half-page listings of funny text animations from computer magazines and was totally fed up and non-enthusiastic about this programming thing. I became enthusiastic much later, when windows 95 and Borland Delphi came around.

But I admit I enjoyed playing games on it and I've broken a few joysticks on decathlon-type games.

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