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Comment: Re:Sadly (Score 2, Funny) 360

by AnonymouseUser (#31771692) Attached to: Ubuntu Claims 12 Million Users — Before Lucid
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Too much work. I disabled gdm, then at login I "sudo -s" and "startx". Works great, makes the system as easy to administer as Win98, and it's not Windows so it's still secure!

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Comment: This actually makes sense... (Score 2, Insightful) 580

by AnonymouseUser (#30569026) Attached to: Chinese Pirates Launch Ubuntu That Looks Like XP
Yes, it does make sense. Apparently the demand for Windows on-the-cheap is high in China, so in order to provide what the customer wants, at the price point they want, and without pirating XP, they came up with this. Everything is legit and everyone is happy (well, everyone except MS).

Don't panic.