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+ - Vast, real-time, warrantless NSA online surveillance->

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Anonymous Crowbar (692255) writes "The slides were meant to be declassified in 2036. OOPS!

Classified information obtained by the Washington Post and The Guardian has revealed a massive, warrantless online surveillance system in use by a US military intelligence agency, giving access to Americans' search history, emails, live chats and more.

The 41-page PowerPoint presentation, which has been verified by both papers and published almost concurrently on Thursday evening, outlines details of a previously undisclosed program known as PRISM, which allows the fabled military intelligence agency to harvest massive amounts of data on everything from electronic correspondence to file transfers."

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+ - under DDOS attack, Now if only they had a dash-cam video of it.

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Anonymous Crowbar (692255) writes "Why do I have a feeling this is not going to end good for those behind the DDOS attack?

From RT Monday June 3.
BREAKING: is under DDoS attack. Trying to bring it back online. Stay tuned for updates!

From RT Sunday June 2.
RT becomes 1st TV news channel to break YouTube 1 billion views barrier
“We proved that the mass YouTube audience isn’t just about kittens and Justin Bieber. There’s real demand for serious news online delivered in the right way”"

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A number of us where I work are cube dwellers. The good thing about most modular cube systems is the table rails run from floor to the top. It takes about 15- 30 minutes to convert a standard desk high cube to be an elbow high one. Will need a screwdriver & a hammer.

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