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Comment: It's not difficulty, it's creativity that matters (Score 5, Insightful) 308

by Anonymous Cowherd (#42086105) Attached to: Gameplay: the Missing Ingredient In Most Games

The article claims that these games are popular because they are hard but it seems that nobody every talks about how challenging they are but instead they always talk about how creative you can be within the game. Both Minecraft and The Sims allow you to be infinitely creative in the way you approach and what you do in the game, and that is what has made these games so popular.

Comment: Re:Upstate New York Isn't That Bad... (Score 1) 538

by Anonymous Cowherd (#28442043) Attached to: The Worst US Cities To Work In IT

I'm tired of seeing people endlessly trash Upstate because of what they read about the winter. What the summary doesn't tell you about the 115 inches of snow is that you rarely have more than 10 inches on the ground at a time; the weather trends for this area lately have seen snow coming primarily on the leading edge of warm fronts in the winter. The result of this is of course you'll shovel your driveway on Monday and then put on sunglasses and a very light coat by Wednesday. In reality every winter in Upstate New York has been near-record warmth for the past several years, and after the short winter season (only about 3 months in reality) the rest of the year is temperate.

Exactly what part of Syracuse do you live in? I regularly had more than 10 inches of snow in my yard and i rarely had the desire to wear a very light coat in the below freezing weather. Sure we do sometimes have a warm winter with snow that never sticks but this last one wasn't one of them.


+ - IT Departments Fear Growing Expertise of Users

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flatfilsoc writes "The current issue of CIO Magazine has a nice article about the emergence of the growing expertise of users calling this the, THE SHADOW IT DEPARTMENT, or the tale of users who know too much (and the IT leaders who fear them). The article argues that the boundary between a users' workplace and home have broken down making the formal IT jobs harder as they bring or download more "gadgets" to work for increasing their own work productivity. The article also argues that the tendency for the formal IT department to fight is self-defeating and outlines strategies for peaceful co-existence. ml?page=1"

Madrid's HiTech Shanty Town 214

Posted by michael
from the hey-buddy-can-you-spare-some-watts? dept.
Alien54 writes: "As reported in CNN, a hi-tech shanty town has arisen in Madrid, Spain, complete with pirated utilities and computer access. Known locally as El Campamento de Esperanza (The Camp of Hope), it is now a village of about 1,200 inhabitants, with libraries, bars, hot showers and cafeterias serving daily meals. They are skilled engineers and technicians, formerly employed by Sintel Telecommunications, a Spanish telecom company that filed for bankruptcy protection in 2000. With a mixture of ingenuity and tenacity, the workers have transformed their claim to $10 million in unpaid wages and refusal to accept forced resignations into a national issue, by squatting on the property where they used to work." Such a thing could never exist in the U.S. for longer than it took to load up the tear gas grenade launchers.

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