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Comment: Re:All of A sudden (Score 4, Funny) 299

"Suddenly" means "in the manner of a sudden," or more succinctly, "of a sudden," and to indicate that something isn't only partially of a sudden, we say it's "all of a sudden." We don't use the definite article "the" because there isn't only one particular sudden. (If there were, we might spell at as a proper noun and possibly even worship it. All hail the Almighty Sudden!)

Comment: Re:They didn't have the right to sell it... (Score 0) 646

by Anonymous CowHardon (#28898091) Attached to: Student Suing Amazon For Book Deletions

If this was anything except 1984, this wouldn't have been news at all.

It would still be news, it just wouldn't be as much fun to talk about (endless references to "memory holes" etc.) -- not unlike the fact that the guy who made off with billions of other peoples' money is named Madoff.

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