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Submission + - Indian companies offer DVDs for less than a dollar

Anonymous Buzzword writes: Moser Baer has begun to offer film titles in India at Rs.34 ($0.75) for a DVD. In response, other companies have also brought down their prices to Rs.45 ($1) The library offered currently consists of primarily older movies, but expansion plans are under way.
"CEO of Moser Baer, Harish Dayani is quite upbeat as the company's target is to acquire 50 per cent of the mainstream movie titles out of the 5,000 mainstream Hindi movies made so far. He said, "At the moment, we have acquired 1,500 Hindi titles and may acquire an additional of 1,000 titles to achieve the target of 50 per cent market share." He added the response has been encouraging as the 75 titles were released via 450 distributors across the country."
Needless to say, this has both the rental industry and the pirates very worried.

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