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by Safety Cap (#47370701) Attached to: Amazon Sues After Ex-Worker Takes Google Job

Some of the stupid interviewing criteria that my colleagues and me [sic] had to deal with boggles my mind.

Ahh, reminds me of the Angry Aussie and his response to pointless interview questions:

For instance, there was the putz I had to see this week who thought he was being really clever. It seems as though someone gave him the book of Microsoft interview questions and he was eager to show off his new "knowledge". This style of interviewing gives you abstract questions that have no relationship whatsoever to the work you'll be doing. Or to the real world.

Proponents say they're trying to see how creatively you can think. Normal humans say it's a waste of time.

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by Safety Cap (#47363865) Attached to: Google Kills Orkut To Focus On YouTube, Blogger and Google+

For the random people that use Orkut like others use Facebook, it really is not a lot of time to figure out what to do with potentially gigabytes of information. That holds particularly true for anyone that is not technically savvy.

How long does it take to slide over to Google Takeout and download all of your data?

A few minutes? An hour?

When Goog crushed Wave, I downloaded all my stuff in a matter of minutes. Couldn't really do much with it, but it lowered my White Hot Rage down to Red.

Comment: How to Fail (Score 1) 532

  1. 1. Rewrite your code
  2. 2. Fix all the bugs you introduced that didn't exist in the original
  3. 3. (and ongoing) Run into all the edge cases that were discovered and solved years ago in the original code.
  4. 4. Spend tons of manhours and tie up your talent pool rewriting just to get where you are now instead of adding new features.
  5. 5. Embrace your FAIL

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Dude! Stop with all the acronyms please! (I'm European)

Wow. I had no idea that Europeans couldn't Google acronyms. Did Google firewall your nation or something?

I tried:

Better, possession of un-taxed National Fostering Association items.

Especially if anything is select fire and made after '86 since the only non-mil and non-low earth orbit that can possess such are Friend for Life holders with the Society of Toxicologists to deal in National Flute Association stuff....

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The alternative I would like to see would be to forbid the company from doing business for a time equivalent of what the prison sentence would be.

Imagine if the US wasn't bought and paid for? If an oil company poisoned the gulf like what happened with the Deepwater Horizon (11 dead and massive damage to the fishing industry and the environment), the US government would simply pull its charter and be done with it: that company would cease to exist.

All the other corporations would thereafter straighten up and fly right, lest the same thing happen to them. (Or they would try to buy the government and defang it like it is now).

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He should have remained silent. Being a lawyer he should have known that.

He must be a pretty shite lawyer. (Hopefully he isn't a criminal defense lawyer, because then he really IS a shite lawyer.)


“During his postarrest interview with State police Trooper Patrick M. Johnson, the defendant stated ... ‘[e]verything is encrypted and no one is going to get to it.’ The defendant acknowledged that he was able to perform decryption.”

What a dumb-bumble-fark. He deserves to burn for bragging/taunting the cops.

Rules for Talking to Cops

Don't talk to cops, except what you are legally required to say (you must ID yourself, to whatever extent your state's laws specify)
The only thing that should come out of your piehole from the time your are arrested (especialy during any "post-arrest 'let's get the suspect to incriminate himself' interview") are the words: "I wish to remain silent and I want a lawyer."
STFU until you get a lawyer
Remember that Everything you say will be used to burn you. Cops can lie and get away with it, and if you lie to a cop, you're fried. Do not believe anything they say, and don't try to talk your way out of it because you'll lose.
Getting (and following) legal advice from random people on the internets is about the stupidest thing you could do.

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by gmhowell (#47162181) Attached to: Apple Says Many Users 'Bought an Android Phone By Mistake'

They purchased AMC 20 years prior to your vehicle purchase. And Jeeps have never been known to be things like 'leak free'. OTOH, I was rather impressed with how they built them, at least relating to the 1978 CJ5 I used to have. Ran several miles at highway speed with no oil in the sump. And for tens of thousands of miles after refilling it :D Oh, it had about 80,000 miles on it when I bought it. But problem free? Well, how did the oil drain out?

Point is, if you had gone by anything other than anecdotal evidence, you would have known what you were in for.

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