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Comment Re:M.U.L.E. (Score 1) 110

MULE never gets old. I've been playing since not long after getting out of diapers, and now I'm changing my own kid's diaper (no not while typing). MULE never left. Well, to be fair it wasn't as good around the late 90s up until PlanetMULE, because it was hard to get any friends to play on emulators...and when I tried the network play would always screw up, so I only played about once or twice per year. Still fun just not as good without the human element. Now I can play PlanetMULE with them, and there's extra fun stuff like a tournament ladder and records of play, I'm having a blast and I try to play whenever I can.

I'm still laughing at the random events that transpire, seemingly always at the worst or best time, depending on who you are; still cheering at an especially good production or market price, especially when I know I cleverly manipulated the market; still cursing when I miscalculate my time limit and miss the pub or I get shafted in a land auction; still grinning when my I squeak by with a first place win, revealed by my dude running along the bottom of the screen ahead of the three other players; still reacting in pleasant surprise or abject horror when the store catches fire - more groans or smiles after mentally assessing whether that screws me or allows me to screw others!

I have yet to reach the highest level of colony success! I think I only achieved second best once! One of my goals with this new game will bet to play selflessly with three other good players to see if we can achieve an awesome colony score. Can't wait!

(Overall, the colony delighted the Federation with your exceptional achievement. Your retirement will be luxurious!)

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