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Comment: Not a single one (Score 0) 1115 1115

Can't think of a single thing that has failed due to piracy. By the time people get around to pirating things, most of the money has already been made. The MPAA and the RIAA are only interested in keeping their coffers full and their wallets padded, in my opinion, and a majority of the "effects of piracy" that they proclaim are bullcrap.

Comment: Re:And the old saw applies here (Score 1) 226 226

Greed is the problem. It is a flaw inherent to humans. After all, you don't see dogs cutting corners and ignoring safety regulations in order to increase the size of their bank accounts. Accidents happen, but I believe that if greed wasn't the driving force in human society, this wouldn't be anywhere close to as bad as it is.

+ - Stuffed Animals + Roadkill = Geeky love dolls?->

Jahf writes: Well, it may not be tech but it's definitely got some nerdiness as well as a touch of recycling goodness. Something you might expect to see on ThinkGeek except each one is unique. What are they? Old stuffed animals ... with real skulls and bones ... and some custom jewelry thrown in:

"On a desk sat a post-op turtle doll, now with a real turtle skull, ornamented alligator eyes and deer bones lining its back, giving the creature a vague resemblance to a prehistoric reptile. A smaller, rodent-looking doll bore a disproportionately large skull and long avian claws, appearing to be a fuzzy, otherworldly scavenger."

The article lists a web site for her ... ( ) which also links to ( ).

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Comment: Less for more (Score 1) 394 394

Basic OS: $100 Want to be able to connect to a network? Add $25 Want to be able to browse the internet? Add $50 Want to be able to watch videos? Add $20 Want to be able to listen to music? Add $20 Want to be able to install Microsoft Software? Free! Want to be able to install non-Microsoft software? Add $150 Total cost: $365 for less than current retail prices for XP Pro/Vista Ultimate Yeah, I could see it happening.

Comment: Re:It was like the whole net was down (Score 1) 189 189

(Sorry, I really couldn't resist posting that other reply :D ) What I do is block the Google adsense servers on my Windows machine in the HOSTS file. Add the server name ( or whatever) and redirect requests for that page to localhost ( I would say try a Google search for directions on blocking ads with the HOSTS file, but perhaps you should try Yahoo Search instead. :P

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