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Comment: Freedom of expression? (Score 2) 892

by Angeret (#48819679) Attached to: Pope Francis: There Are Limits To Freedom of Expression

"if someone says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch"

Yup - if we're talking about a real person. I whole-heartedly agree; if it was unwarranted or gratuitous I would fully expect to be seeing a few teeth on the floor. However, if someone get's antsy over a comment I make about their invisible imaginary friend they can fuck right off. I don't care which religion it is, someone handing out a beating or killing over it becomes less than human and shouldn't be breathing my air.

As the head of the western paedophiles and discrimination club he should watch *his* mouth, as should high ranking members of the eastern paedophiles and discrimination club. Surprising as they've shared so many of the same hobbies & interests that they should be at war over who's imaginary friend is better.

(Yes, I'm an atheist and proud to have *real* friends. Some of them are even sane.)

Comment: Re:Do users really care? (Score 2) 278

by Angeret (#48692697) Attached to: Snowden Documents Show How Well NSA Codebreakers Can Pry

I've noticed a disturbing trend over the last few months from commenters on various forums to first make a point opposing the previous comment then top it off with a personal dig. I foresee an interesting 2015 as people spend more time throwing insults, epithets and derision than actually making a point.

My point about not needing a pardon is that Snowden didn't give information to the enemy - he told the world. According to the way the intelligence & military communities are portrayed in the released documents that means *us*. All of us, be it communist, capitalist or just plain don't give a fuck. I don't consider myself an enemy and I'm pretty sure you aren't as you've done me no harm. The real enemy is the intelligence & military community. Remove them - and their paranoia and lust for secrecy & big shiny toys that go boom - from the scene (and the religious zealots, etc, etc) and the world might be a slightly better place.

And I'm teetotal. What's your excuse?

Comment: Re:WATER COOLING!!!! (Score 1) 720

by Angeret (#48488179) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Making a 'Wife Friendly' Gaming PC?

Seriously, AC's right - water cooling is where it's at. It might not be cheap (depending on what you go for), but it's damn quiet! My 8-core 4GHz rig runs unclocked with a watercooled 6970 and a way oversized 360x360 radiator. The rad has a 250mm fan on it and will be going outside in summer (2 x 2m of tubing and quick disconnects help) and the whole shebang holds nearly 2l of coolant. The downside was the cost - nearly £500 for the cooling setup alone, but I could run a pair of R295s in it, overclock the CPU to nearly 5GHz and, including the 3 internal fans and 2 HDDs, it would still make less noise than the electric clock on the wall. When I'm not gaming the current sound level is under 20dB less than 12" away from the case and my better half sometimes forgets it's switched on - and she sits about 6ft from it. The radiator fan is almost silent running at 50% speed.

As overspecced as it is, it's worth it, so very worth it, not to have a gas turbine sound effect next to me when I'm doing something quiet and better when I need to hear sounds in-game without cranking it up loud enough to upset the neighbours and I also have great expansion options. The temperatures are lower inside the case by a fair bit and the radiator makes a great room heater in winter :)

Comment: Re:ANOTHER DEAD BODY! SWEET JUSTICE! (Score 5, Informative) 450

by Angeret (#47027085) Attached to: Robbery Suspect Tracked By GPS and Killed
It's an escalation thing. Due to the relative scarcity of guns in the UK, if criminals started to carry them as standard kit they'd be up against a lot of unfriendly cops who are generally better trained with better hardware. It would end badly in a country where the average unarmed robbery will get you a few years at worst and a kiss on the cheek and community service at least, if not acquittal on a technicality. Using a gun can up your sentence to something unpleasant, so most sane robbers don't carry them. Where nutjobs are concerned, anything goes and most of the rest of the criminal fraternity tend to avoid them. Killing a cop is just as bad here as in the US so you have to be *way* past desperate to go that route. And really stupid.

Comment: Re:Gaining speed down that slope... (Score 1) 208

by Angeret (#45551879) Attached to: UK Gov't Plans To Censor "Extremist" Websites Via Orders To ISPs

No offense taken. Although insulting Russia by comparing us to them is probably not such a good idea.

I think politicians forget why we vote them in. It's not because they look good. It's not because we want them to spend tax money on themselves or their 2nd homes. It's not because we want them to spy on us, or make wars on other countries, or make it a crime to do anything that they do but think we shouldn't, or even because they think we like them sucking corporate cock at our expense. We vote them in to run the country along broad guidelines for the good of the country. They obviously can't please everybody (that would be impossible), they can't even please most, but they can, it would appear, please a very few buddies who consider themselves the elite.

We are their employers. About time they started punching the fucking clock. They get paid enough for it.

Optimism is the content of small men in high places. -- F. Scott Fitzgerald, "The Crack Up"