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Comment: contagious (Score 1) 180

Then i would have to say aggression. is contagious. The most frustrating aspect of video games (to me anyway. That is why i very rarely play multi-player) is not so much the interface but other players. Griefers, cheaters little kids with poor impulse control that scream obscenities at you through the voice chat, constant name calling and the likes. THAT degrades the gaming experience. Say you really like a game and would like to get better at it but it is multi-player only and every time you try to play, you have to contend with that. Would it not get on your nerves after a while? Sure you can pick another server but they are everywhere. And contrary to popular belief (or what my mommy told me when i was young) ignoring them does not make them go away. The only solution is to find another game to play.

Comment: it is just democratisation. (Score 1) 617

by AngelFrog (#44851551) Attached to: How Amateurs Destroyed the Professional Music Business
When the modern recorded music industry (lets not talk classical masters here, whole different ball of wax) started, was it not tinkerers that came up with the technology? was it not amateurs and garage bands that were the pioneers? Then it all turned into an elitist closed "good ol boys" money club. Now the power is coming back to the people. New, easier technology is letting a new generation of tinkerers and amateurs give it a shot. Sure you will get sucky "artists" but they don't last long. Heck even i tried a bit with some software acquired through "unconventional means" but i am not creative enough and the results were... not good at best. Eventually the good ones rise to the top and get known. And as far as the damned purist hipsters "only notes made on a guitar made of willow bark, whale bones and alpaca sinews chewed by a secret tribe in the Andes are worth of the name music". Bite me. Culture changes, people's tastes change. Just because YOUR brand of ultra obscure neo-punk-trip-hop-nerd core jazz is not popular with the masses doesn't mean pop (as in popular with a lot of people (but i still Bieber is a talentless hack, my opinion only)) music is crap. It just means people prefer something else these days and tomorrow it will be something else. Such is life. Get over it.

Comment: Re:...and despite all the benefits I wonder (Score 1) 160

by AngelFrog (#43984225) Attached to: Video Gamers See the World Differently
What you say is very subjective. Your own point of view with your own experience. Then allow me to show you mine. After a long day of work, i like to relax a little bit before i get to my home chores. So i play a bit. One of my "basics of life" is "taking my mind off of the horrendous world outside" and i do that by blasting zombies. I will grant you that unlocking an achievement in a game is essentially meaningless in the grand scheme of things but it is by no mean useless.on a personal level. It gives a little extra good feeling. That helps relieve stress. Some times, for some people, that is all games are. Stress relievers that make your life a little better. a bit of distraction IS good for emotional balance. Sure people prone to addiction, people with nothing going for them, those that don't know anything else about the world (like say a teenager who's got little experience at that point in his life) can get hooked on that empty feeling of achievement. Shit happens. Some people fall between the cracks. That does not mean ALL GAMERS are hooked. You got as many different reasons to play games as you got gamers. As for the choice of OS... Do you think i have time and energy to fiddle with Wine and all that junk if i want to play for 30 minutes? No. I want it to work so i go with what works for me. Maturity problem? I am a soldier (a real one, i don't even like CoD et all) in a leadership position. People depend on me for guidance. I have a family. People depend on me PERIOD. Nobody in my care has ever gone cold or hungry. Where is that maturity problem you speak of?

Comment: Re:Safety (Score 1) 402

by AngelFrog (#43399853) Attached to: Navy To Deploy Lasers On Ship In 2014
Wow such aggression. Chill out before you pop a blood vessel. Hug a puppy. It's soothing. Have you been in a war? Have you been in a firefight where the other guy wants you dead and will not listen to reason? You have volleys of RPGs flying towards you. Are you going to try and taze the other guys or are you going to try and stop them with high explosives? War is not ALWAYS about murder but some times it is the only solution left to you. Like Entropius said "If you're using a laser, or a bullet, or a missile, or any of a myriad of weapons against a boat or an airplane, then it had damn well better pose enough of a threat to you that you are perfectly okay with everyone on it dying". If you are going to use something that is going to kill them, it better be worth it, not just for shits and giggles. You said it your self. We save lives... by any means possible. Some times to save lives you need to take lives.

Comment: Nice to know but... (Score 5, Insightful) 893

by AngelFrog (#43358983) Attached to: Massive Data Leak Reveals How the Ultra Rich Hide Their Wealth
Nice and all to see the info come out but seriously, with that much money and that many wealthy, influential people involved, what is going to happen with this information? Nothing. A couple of hippies are going to protest against the 1% thingy while texting from their iPhone 5, be discredited, a couple of journalists are going to get vanished, the whole thing will get swept under the rug of the media coverage of an imminent war with North Korea. Problem solved. Damned i'm too young to be this jadded

Comment: tv commercials. (Score 1) 219

by AngelFrog (#43274481) Attached to: Scientists Study Getting an Unwanted Tune Out of Your Head
the most insidious (on purpose) form of this HAS to be tv and radio jingles. I have had the meowmix song stuck in my head i don't even have cats! Those things are designed to get stuck in your head so you are still listening to the damned commercials even when the tv is off. Also two i sometime start humming at work are Dr Demento's fish heads and that circus theme song you hear every time a circus is depicted on tv what is the name of that thing anyway.

Comment: Re:ObXKCD (Score 1) 640

by AngelFrog (#34983110) Attached to: The Matrix Re-Reloaded
People are sheep. Simple as that. One person starts yelling loud enough and all the little sheeps start following, what ever direction they were going in in the first place. It's easyer than to make up your own opinion. And by seeing all the "metoos" bringing back the same meme over and over again, people around here are not immune. I think as far as special effect "shut your brain down and watch the pretty light show" action flick they were pretty good. If you were expecting life altering philosophical revelations from a movie... get a grip.

Comment: Re:Where is the fun? (Score 1) 854

by AngelFrog (#34035600) Attached to: Are Games Getting Easier?
Did it ever occur to you that not everyone has endless hours to spend "getting better" at a game. To most people, a game is just that. A game. A distraction for a few minutes. Then there is work, family time, laundry, mowing the lawn, what have you. I am willing to get a bit of a hard time in a game but i have enough aggravation during the work day dealing with incensitive ignorant douchebags er... customers. I dont need to be put down by a no life little buttmunch with a super fast connection and the latest aimbot. That is why i (and many other people with a life outside games) put my money (of which i have considerably more than a 14 year old living with his parents, making me and my tastes a more attractive market to game designers) on easyer games. I am not lazy. I am f*ing tired and just want to relax. There are many kinds of people with many kinds of needs and tastes in the world. Game companies being businesses, follow the money. Right now the money seems to be coming more from casual gamers than from the hard core ones. Just look at facebook game producers Zynga!

Comment: So... PTSD? (Score 1) 557

by AngelFrog (#32957472) Attached to: The Hell Known As Internet Screening Services
So essentialy, these poor buggers are suffering from PTSD. I am not a psychiatrist but having served in afghanistan with the canadian military i have my self seen some nasty stuff that left me a bit messed up for months (i can still barely remember how to use punctiation :) and have known brothers that will never be the same. This looks just like it. When you think about it, seeing it with your own eyes or seeing pictures of it is the same. You have a bit more detachment but not that much. It is like police officers, fire fighters, paramedics and countless others who put them selves in harm's way to protect others. The gung ho 20 yo rushing in to be payed to "watch porn all day" is not very different from the young boys rushing to war to kill them some taleebans(yes that is intended). Young, inexperienced, without the defence mechanisms to protect a up to then sheltered psyche. So if that is what they are suffering from, that is how they should be treated. Now the thing is will the private companies recognise this and take appropriate actions like the government AH! did (sorry for the hysterical laugh. To their credit, some people, governmental and civilians ARE trying to make a difference).

Comment: Motivations? (Score 1) 252

by AngelFrog (#31556980) Attached to: Baffled By the Obsession With Pretend-Business Games
More than "business games" i think the issue is about casual gaming. One has to admit those facebook games are not exactly challenging. That would make you think that the average gamer's IQ took a nose dive. Makes sense. You also have to consider people (in this case facebook users) motivations to play those games. It all depends on your point of view and who populates your social univers of course. From my point of view, a lot of them are average joes with lives, jobs, families. They get home after a hard day's work and they want to relax. Lets play a game for an hour. They dont want to have to compete with(and ultimately be humiliated by) a 14 year old that does nothing but play that fps or work on his build order for the perfect zerg rush. They want the equivalent of hobby gardening or jigsaw puzzles. A simple, relaxing, almost zen like experience. They are not stupid by any stretch. They just want to chill. Of course you also got the OCDs, the ones who get addicted easy and super competitive s who will try to beat everyone at anything just because (yes some of those play farmville too. Why is beyond me but they do :).

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