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Comment Wifi Hotspot map (Score 1) 269

I don't see what wrong with them recording this. It's like driving through a neighborhood in the next state over and scanning to see what radio stations they have. Maybe Google was going to include the location of free Wifi Hotspots on the map. This would be a nice feature. They would have to filter the private netowrks from free services and this would be difficult. Maybe that is why it never happened.

Comment Sysprep (Score 1) 349

Why not install all the drivers for all the different machines you have into one box and then sysprep the machine. Now use clonezilla and save an image of that drive. It should now work with all the machines in the office. As far as linux on the desktop, I don't mess with that foolishness. My servers use it and it's great! My cluster uses it and it's great. My desktops ...nope.

Submission + - Can Sound Waves Reduce Power Consumption? (

Andypcguy writes: Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) has launched an effort to replace the mechanical compressors in refrigerators and air conditioners with thermoacoustic compressors.

Comment PC version (Score 1) 503

I like what I've seen of the iPAD. I wouldn't buy one as anything Mac is too expensive and I don't like their os. I will wait until a PC vendor starts making a similar device for half the price running windows and all the software I like to use. The overal concept is a good one and I have to give the mac guys credit for being real innovators. I think the ipad will read all my pirated E-books quite nicely. Most of them are technical in nature and don't fit the small fiction novel formfactor. My books are textbook sized.

Comment Radiation (Score 0, Troll) 480

I like the idea of these scanners and think they will make it more difficult for the crazies to do stupid stuff. My concern however is with radiation exposure. How much exposure is there from a single scan. What about all those frequent fliers and what about the screeners themselves. Next time I travel I'm bringing my gieger counter.

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