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Comment: Missing the point (Score 1) 220

Sorry for repost, but I want to see potential feedback and was AC.

Basically, normal sports are segregated so that there can be top athletes who are non-male.

This allows them to inspire young women to be good in sports.

Women are allowed to compete in maie competetitions, they just don't stand a chance in almost all sports.

I hardly ever watch E-sports, or normal sports.
But if women are grossly underrepresented the same could be true there?

I dunno.

Comment: Re:War of government against people? (Score 1) 875

by Andtalath (#47201851) Attached to: America 'Has Become a War Zone'

Violence is down, per capita, all over the world, and keep decreasing.

Not true for every country, of course.

But yeah, we really are moving toward a better world in some ways.
If we can just avoid some major pitfalls (ecological disasters, resource starvation, resource allocation) we are in for a brighter future.

Comment: Re:Overreacting (Score 4, Insightful) 384

It's entertainment.
Entertainment in a large fashion dictates what is ok and normal.
Every bit of acceptance is good.

This is also the matter of people noticing that a feature is lacking in their game.
It's the same type of complaint, in a fashion, as when you can't play games in a LAN unless you are connected to the internet.
It's an unneccesary addition specifically not allowing two people to get together.

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