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Comment Re:Not a "warm glow" (Score 1) 338

A shift toward red is warmer, not cooler.

Color temperature yes, thermal temperature, no. They're sort of backwards from each other :(

Most people generally find this shift towards red rather pleasing when dimming a light bulb.

Citation needed. Actually, no, don't bother. That's just bullshit.

It's a pretty subjective thing, I agree. It's the same subjectiveness that most people like "warm white" bulbs(2000-3000K) instead of daylight(5500K or above).

It's not a "feature" of the dimmer, but a function of the physics of an incandescent bulb.

It's not a feature of anything. That's a bug.

Okay...If you say so. Bug or not, people like this "feature" that incandescent bulbs bring to dimming lights.

Comment Re:Not a "warm glow" (Score 1) 338

When you dim an LED bulb, the amount of light reduces, however the color temperature is the same. The best thing I can compare it to is moonlight. An incandescent when you dim it, it runs cooler and as a result it goes to more of a red color instead of the yellow white color it normally runs at. Most people generally find this shift towards red rather pleasing when dimming a light bulb. It's not a "feature" of the dimmer, but a function of the physics of an incandescent bulb.

Comment tax avoidance (Score 5, Informative) 210

The reason this is being done is that Yahoo couldn't get a promise from the IRS that selling off Alibaba shares wouldn't be tax free. So they are doing this game of making the current company a holding company for the Alibaba shares, then putting the rest of the company in a "new" company. This is just tax avoidance, nothing more.

Comment Re:Biased experience? (Score 1) 215

The major advantage analog voice systems have are when you are in a nominal coverage area, you will get some static, but still intelligible. In that same area using digital, either you have nearly perfect audio, or just no audio at all if enough bits are lost and quite likely a dropped call.


Comment Re: 35 Years Coding and Admining (Score 1) 162

I have so much brain damage from dealing with AIX shared libraries.

I remember years ago needing to upgrade an RS/6000 running AIX 3.2.5 to AIX 4.x in the late 90s. The upgrade media was on tape(we were too cheap to have a cd-rom in our RS/6000). Do you know how long it takes to boot AIX from a boot tape? :(

That said, AIX had a lot of features, 15+ years ago that Linux and others are still trying to catch up on.


Comment Not used for SSN in the US (Score 1) 57

This system is NOT used in the US for social security numbers, its a private vendor that uses it....the /. summary is misleading..

Nobody reads the articles anymore is the quote.

The system under scrutiny is modelled on one used by U.S.-based multinational IMS Health, which collates data on millions of (living) South Koreans.

Comment ran debian on sparc for over 10 years (Score 3, Interesting) 152

I had a Sun Netra T1 200 for a bit over 10 years that ran Debian on Sparc. The hardware was reliable, the Debian as an OS worked well enough, less of a headache than Solaris IMHO. Occasionally had some weird kernel related quirks, but I generally just kept it tracking Debian sid.

    I think it was just a matter of time that the Debian sparc port went away, the surplus of old sparc boxes has gone away more than anything. I'm not sure anyone used Debian on sparc for anything serious(read business use), though.

Comment Re:Are drones really THAT dangerous? (Score 5, Informative) 368

Do YOU want to be in a helicopter when a drone gets sucked into its intake. What happens then? The helicopter's engine likely stalls, the helicopter then goes into autorotation if you are lucky...landing in the fire you are trying to put out.

What if the drone smashes into your windshield in limited visibility, knocking the pilot out cold or worse.

You are very wrong here. Look at the airplane that landed in the Hudson River that was taken out by a goose. Seriously, a goose, a lot of drones are of similar weight or larger, also a lot softer.

If bird strikes are a hazard, how would a drone NOT be a hazard?

Comment live patching non-modular code in a running ircd.. (Score 3, Interesting) 145

So there was a bug several years ago in ircd-ratbox that impacted the core code that wasn't a loadable module. There was a bug in cidr matching that really needed fixed. So..I wrote a loadable module that got the address of the C function that needed replaced. Then I used mprotect to set that page the function was in memory to be read/write.
Then..I scribbled over the start of the function with x86 opcodes to make it jump to a replacement function that was in the just loaded module.

Or in code.. match_cidr is the bad function, fixed_match_cidr is the replacement.

static int
        char snag[7];
        snag[0] = 0xB8;
        *(int *) &snag[1] = (int) fixed_match_cidr;
        snag[5] = 0xFF;
        snag[6] = 0xE0;
    memcpy(saved, match_cidr, 7);
    memcpy(match_cidr, snag, 7);
    mprotect(ALIGN(match_cidr-(PAGESIZE)), PAGESIZE*2, PROT_READ|PROT_EXEC);
    return 0;

Comment Re:So what? (Score 2) 287

No it works just fine on mobile, but only using SLAAC and not DHCPv6. They are two different ways of getting address assignments. SLAAC is typically going to be an autogenerated IPv6 address, based on MAC address, where DHCPv6 is going to give an address from whatever rules are defined on the DHCPv6 server.

  My Galaxy S6 has IPv6 addresses on both the mobile and wifi networks. The wifi side was configured using SLAAC as expected.

The lack of DHCPv6 is generally an issue for corporate networks with regards to Android phones more than anything.

Comment Re:Pretty sure the heat death of the universe will (Score 3, Insightful) 386

Just because a piece of software is old, doesn't mean it's suddenly doesn't do its intended function.

I'm not sure I'd be shocked by the effort that people make to keep old software running,. You mention PDP emulators, but how many people here use DOSBox on a regular basis to play old games.

Emulators are just one way do keep old software running of. The other way if the source is around is to keep updating the software for new platforms but avoiding too much feeping creaturism if you can. That's pretty much where I'm at with doing ircd work, keep the code updated for modern systems(with their own OS specific quirks) so it continues function.

It seems like people just want new and shiny software just for the sake of having new and shiny. New and shiny code however doesn't have X number of years of being used as production and all of the WTF bugs have long been squashed.


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