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Comment: Re:Because text size need not be defined by px num (Score 1) 333

by Andreas Mayer (#45765833) Attached to: Rise of the Super-High-Res Notebook Display

OSX is unfortunately bitmap based

What is that supposed to mean? A lot of artwork comes in bitmap format. But there are also quite a few PDFs and the OS doesn't really care either way.
The graphics system is point based. Where a standard display features one pixel per point and a high dpi display has two (by two) pixels per point.
Apple tried to make the UI scale arbitrarily, (the feature was available for development purposes for years) but it didn't really work all that great, because there are too many cases where you get off-by-one errors that look quite bad. They eventually decided that it wasn't worth the effort and instead opted simply for displays with a 'high enough' resolution (i.e 'retina' displays) and integer scale factors.

Comment: Re:TFA clueless, thinks Coke brand is worthless (Score 1) 185

by Andreas Mayer (#45754075) Attached to: 90 Percent of Businesses Say IP Is "Not Important"

It's trademark, intellectual property, that allows you to tell the difference between Coke, Pepsi, and RC cola.

No, it is not.
It is my nose and taste buds that tell me the difference.
Lipstick(trademark) on a pig doesn' change the fact your still dealing with a pig.

Yes it is. Because you can't taste every bottle of Cola before you buy it.

Comment: Re:just FUD IMHO (Score 2) 303

A thought experiment: Replace 'Apple' with 'Chinese phone manufacturer' and 'NSA spying scandal' with 'Chinese spy scandal'. Would you still trust them?

Actually, that would worry me less, since I can't think of anything the Chinese would want to do with that information. The US on the other hand has already proven, that they think they are the world police.

Comment: Re:Are you retarded? And how are we gonna stop spa (Score 1) 558

by Andreas Mayer (#44482447) Attached to: Campaign To Kill CAPTCHA Kicks Off

Vastly superior methods for stopping spam have existed since well before captchas were invented.
They still exist today. I've written about them at great length (elsewhere), as have others.

I guess it's just an oversight on your part, that you didn't include a link, right?

The problem is not that these methods don't exist, or aren't effective, or aren't well-understood; the problem is that people refuse to invest the effort to learn them.

Well, I would love to learn them. Unfortunately, every alternative method I heard about, was either less effective or did simply solve a different problem altogether.

Comment: Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 221

Classic hydro is not what people usually think when they talk about 'renewable'.

Of course it is. What are you talking about?

It's also not without environment issues

Nothing is without issues.

And all of the German investments into renewables could have been _easily_ beaten by 6 modern nuclear power plants.

Maybe. But we don't build those because we don't know what to do with all the nuclear waste. We still have no idea what to do with the amount we already have! See 'environmental issues' above.

In short, renewable energy in Germany is a total failure.

It's not.

Comment: Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 221

Germany is NOT 40% renewable. It's about 15% renewable and falling rapidly,

That's a lie.

"In 2012 haben regenerative Energien nach den Daten der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Energiebilanzen rd. 137 Mrd. kWh bzw. 23 Prozent zum Brutto-Stromverbrauch beigetragen (2011: rd. 20 Prozent) und sind damit zweitstärkster Energieträger nach der Braunkohle."

So renewables climbed to 23% in 2012 - up from 20% in 2011.

Comment: Re:Apple iOS (Score 1) 242

by Andreas Mayer (#44320057) Attached to: Google Storing WLAN Passwords In the Clear

Anyhow, Apple stores all passwords in their keychain and this is easily snooped.

It's not *their* keychain. It's *your* keychain. It's local on your device. Of course it will end up in the backup. But the whole point of the keychain is, that it's encrypted, so that shouldn't be a problem, even if you choose not to encrypt your backups.

And how is the keychain "easily snooped"? That's news to me. Please elaborate.

Well, yes. If you *allow* access to the keychain - it can be read. Would be pretty useless otherwise.

Comment: Re:Apple is in trouble (Score 1) 277

by Andreas Mayer (#43849823) Attached to: Apple Leaves Journalists Jonesing

but ultimately Apple should have been honest with themselves (and with developers) from the outset - that they weren't going to stick at 320x480 forever. Had they done this there would be no need for said aforementioned ugly hack.

That wouldn't have changed anything. Developers are not going to build apps for devices that don't exist. That would cost time and money for no apparent benefit whatsoever. Not going to happen.

Comment: Re:Apple is in trouble (Score 1) 277

by Andreas Mayer (#43849805) Attached to: Apple Leaves Journalists Jonesing

Then there is iOS. They painted themselves into a corner on that. They can't easily introduce real multitasking, can't break away from iTunes or support standard protocols like MTP. They are stuck with a bunch of odd resolutions and encouraged developers to target them all directly, resulting in debacles like the black bars when they went widescreen.

I get the feeling you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about.
iOS already has 'real' multitasking. Apple actively restricts apps from using it. To change that they could simply remove those restrictions.
No idea what you are getting at with respect to iTunes either. iOS devices don't have to be connected to iTunes any more if you don't want. As for MTP - that seems to be a Microsoft protocol. Why exactly should Apple support that? And why do you think they couldn't if they wanted to?
And please explain how other systems have better support for different screen resolutions. While you can expect to have any of very few different resolutions on a iOS device, it is of course possible to design UIs that support arbitrary resolutions. But the idea that you can design *one* UI that works on all devices is exactly the reason why so many Android apps suck on a tablet. When you have substantially more space, you *should* design your UI differently. iOS has strong support for this. You can design a view such that is simply scales with the device or you can use different views for different resolutions. And I'm not sure anyone has anything as powerful as Autolayout.

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