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Submission + - The HTML5 Compatibility Test Wars-> 1 1

Andreas(R) writes: "Microsoft has publised a set of HTML5 tests comparing Internet Explorer 9 to other web browsers. In Microsofts own tests, IE9 performs 100% on all tests.
However, the Internet Explorer 9 HTML5 Canvas Campaign has publised results which show that Internet Explorer get 0% on all their tests."

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Submission + - The Internet Explorer HTML5 Canvas Campaign

Andreas(R) writes: "The project announces the "Internet Explorer HTML5 Canvas Campaign". The goal of this campaign is to get full support for HTML5 in the next version of Internet Explorer. Currently, Internet Explorer 9 doesn't support HTML5 canvas, and this limits innovation and support for standards on the Internet."

Submission + - Play Freeciv in your browser->

Andreas(R) writes: A web client for the open source strategy game Freeciv has been created. This is an interesting showcase for the possibilities of HTML5 and the new Canvas element. Further, it is also a demostration of how one can turn a desktop application into a rich web application. The game can be played online against other players, or in single player mode against AI opponents.
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