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Comment: Here's what's going to happen to the PC (Score 1) 622

by AmericanToBeDad (#41142423) Attached to: PC Makers In Desperate Need of a Reboot
I just bought an HP laptop, not to mention I also have an Android smatphone. Those who think the PC is just gonna dissappear are way off the mark. People still use PCs but since the trend was to buy an overpriced smartphone they postponed the purchase of a brand new PC, but the smartphone is not going to replace them. Who wants to be typing a spreadsheet or even a large email on a smartphone?

Comment: United States of Haliburton (Score 1) 521

by AmericanToBeDad (#40539269) Attached to: Sea Level Rise Can't Be Stopped
I don't think global warming is real, but if anyone is to be blamed, is the oil companies who constantly block any other alternative fuels such as biodiesel. They also block technological advancements which would probably at least increase fuel economy from 32 mpg to at least 100 mpg. It is a fact that oil companies run congress and washington, heck, they even put a president in charge for 8 years and the vice president was a former Haliburton CEO. It is not a conspiracy theory, when it is all over the fucking news.

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